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Mirror over stove?

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    Mirror over stove?

    I'd like to install a mirror over our stove but how does it not fog up?

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    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

    that reminds me of a funny story...
    I was staying at this hotel in the outer banks of NC and I thought I noticed the big vanity mirror was cracked in the bathroom down by the bottom, I didn't remember the crack being there when I checked in but it seemed all the hotels I stayed out had cracks in the mirrors in the same spot?
    I went out for the day came back, mirror wasn't cracked in evening, I though maybe I was seeing things,
    next day I leave and I see the crack there again, ok what the hey, I go out and crack is gone when I return ? this happens for a couple days, finally a note is left in my hotel room saying I am being charged for breaking all the mirrors, it seems they had replaced them when the cleaning staff noticed them, I didn't realize they had been replaced , I figured I was just seeing things.. than I realized what was happening,
    I always traveled with one of those small electric water kettles that I would make my instant oatmeal and French press coffee with. the cords are very short on them, and the bathroom vanity outlet was usually the only one that would work,
    it also put the kettle spot right next to the big mirror behind the sink, which when the water would boil and all the steam from the kettle hit it , would cause a 8 to 10 inch crack! so I realized it wasn't aliens/angry spirits following me around the country breaking all the hotel mirrors!
    I paid the hotel for 2 mirrors and they absorbed the cost of the first one. I was embarrassed , I am a good guest at hotels, no wild parties etc..
    when I got home I wrote a letter to the hotel explaining what was causing the mirrors to break, and I was not t a psycho who was throwing his razor at the mirror when I finished using it..
    cauda equina


      great story, you rabble-rouser!


        What a great idea, Em! I worked at a cooking studio that had an angled mirror over the cooktops so that all students (not just the ones in the front row!) could watch the guest chef as he/she worked!

        Re fogging - I use an 'anti-fogging' liquid on my glasses - I wonder if they make it for mirrors? I'll try to do some sleuthing.

        Also, maybe ask around at places that sell glass - there may be different types that would be well suited for your needs.

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