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    that time of year tomatoes planted beefsteak and cherry banana peppers planted 45 cups so will have quite a few to give away. they are already sprouting by match ready to take out

    Way too early to plant tomatoes here. While the plants will grow, if they do bloom, they will not set fruit until we have consistent 60-75oF (night) and 60-90oF (day) temperatures. We are still getting down into the 40oFs at night even in Southern California. If you have a green house that achieves those temperatures, you can plant in that. I never plant my tomatoes until the first week of April or later.

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      i start mine inside so 6weeks now in mid march they ready to go i loved southern cal i lived ther 69 thru 75 at los al they had the strawberry foels right accross from track and going up to victoriville and mt just beautiful


        I have a friend in Phoenix, AZ who sells young tomato plants at local farmer's markets. He starts the plants in his very large green house and is entering his high season, recommending planting the young starts in the garden in mid February. In the valley, tomato season/harvest is over by mid April to May, just when I am planting young tomato plants in my garden in the San Francisco Bay Area, and won't have first harvest until very late July and through August/September.

        Same goes for roses. I finished pruning the roses here in mid January. Rose growers in the Phoenix area have two pruning seasons. The first is in September when the roses are pruned by 1/3 and then by 1/2 in January to force them into a short period of dormancy, after which the bushes leaf out and set buds quickly. Rose bushes can bloom almost year around in the valley. My sister in laws rose garden in Mesa can be in full, glorious bloom on Thanksgiving.

        I have friends who have a winter home in Florida. They harvest tomatoes in early spring then go home to Pennsylvania and have tomatoes to harvest in late summer. How great is it to have two home grown tomato seasons!!!

        Happy Growing where ever you live!!!