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Cooking for quads?

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  • Cooking for quads?

    I was wondering for those of you who are quadriplegic that either can’t Cook by yourself at all or are very limited in what you can do, how do you manage your meals. Do you get a helper to help cook something that will last a couple days once or twice a week? Or do you just stick to simple things that can be thrown in a microwave or just cooked in an oven on a pan quickly. Pre-cooked meals from the grocery store?

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    I (C7) don't cook much. Fortunately my AB wife takes care of that. I'll move only very lightweight items out of a hot oven and I can stir something on the cook-top but it has to be a very lightweight pot before I'll try to pick it up. I use the microwave a lot to cook or warm up precooked meals. This post from several years ago describes a cake carrier I use to safely handle large hot dishes in and out of the microwave, requiring no hand function past the wrist.


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      there is another post on cooking I do all my own cooking but nothing elaborate I use a toaster oven to bake in and my trusty crockpot I do cook on the stove but only to brown hamberger. I am c6c7 if its big I have my caregiver cut it up so I can handle


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        I would think that most people with tetraplegic injuries who cannot cook for themselves also have a lot of their own personal care that they cannot do without assistance. I know a lot of people who have their attendants fix them breakfast when they come for AM care, and perhaps make a sandwich or something that can be left and obtained from the frig for them at lunch, and then either have their evening care attendant fix them dinner before doing their bedtime care or warm something up in the microwave. Of course if you live with family members, roommates, or have live-in attendants, then other arrangements might be an option.

        Meals-on-Wheels may be an option for some, although they are overloaded right now, and there is a sliding scale co-pay for this service.

        In my area a lot of restaurants are offering free delivery with a minimum purchase, and there is also Door Dash, Grub Hub, etc.

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