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MacMagic Pasta Pot - Quad Cooking?

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  • MacMagic Pasta Pot - Quad Cooking?

    Has anybody ever used the MacMagic Pasta Pot? I'm always looking for kitchen equipment and utensils that can be used with limited dexterity and strength.

    Here's an image of it. I'm adding a video too, but its a Made For TV marketing promo that makes everything look amazing, but when you open them, they are a piece of crap!

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    I have never used that, but looks interesting.

    I have used this and works pretty much as advertised. Paid about $14 at Walgreens.


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      Interesting too.

      I make pasta in my rice cooker. Since it works on a steam basis, I put just enough water for the pasta to hydrate. I like mine al dente so I add water a little lower than the pasta. This way, I avoid the dangers of draining a pot of boiling water and the extra steps and mess too.