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Bacterium culprit??

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    Bacterium culprit??

    "Bacteria are everywhere around us. These ubiquitous microorganisms thrive on our skin, in our respiratory passages, in the soil and at the bottom of the sea. The vast majority of bacteria are harmless or even beneficial, with only a tiny fraction responsible for spreading disease. Vegetables, most of which are grown in soil, come in close contact with bacteria and must be washed thoroughly. Some are more susceptible to bacterial contamination than others."

    Sooo started drinking something called Kava, Hawaiian grown, concentrated powder, it's a root that gives euphoric sensations..weels/months? passed.
    Was hospitalized w/ epidimitus after noticing a swollen testicle. 3 unknown bacterium hard to kill after many different antibiotics, residing in bladder were culprit..

    Did some sufficient reading mostly about e-coli/food contamination, nothing specific like I'm combining.. citing the first paragraph above, does that sound like the credidle culprit being the Kava?? Since it's a root harvested from the soil? And they couldn't name/tell what any of the bacterium were cause nothing was combating it they were using.

    Otherwise I've seen threads/ epidimitus on here, bacteria typically being the cause but from sexual origin.

    I stopped drinking it afterward attributing it to the only thing I could think of I had started newly putting in me that I could think of that carries foreign bacteria all of a sudden.? But it's been a good long while & started taking it again. Can I get some feedback here please.
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