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Prunes - Help With Constipation

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    I started using prunes about a year ago and they make a big (good) difference for me. I eat 5 prunes a day and instead of small hard stools they are better formed and softer. I also take Fibercon and stool softeners daily.
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      It's not only what to add it's also about what to eliminate from your diet. Add lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of filtered water, and eliminate/reduce simple carbs (sugar, bread, pasta, rice), processed food, and junk food. Then you shouldn't need to rely solely on supplements.

      To realize the full benefits of a healthy diet you should consider a week or two of a cleansing diet. Like milk kefir 2 meals per day and baked chicken and steamed veggies for the third meal. Of course, lots of filtered water. Unless you have some sort of medical problem this is guaranteed to get you back on track. Milk kiefer is an excellent food source and also regulates. Less fermented speeds you up. More fermented slows you down. When made at home it's one of the most economical food sources and practically a meal in itself.

      Even if you're lactose intolerant milk Kiefer is acceptable. Because the Kiefer grains convert lactose into probiotics.