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    The Sanduko knife sounds awesome. I would love to find a great knife for chopping with minimul effort.

    Crypticgimp, what are your favorite curry spices/pastes?


      Yesterday I made a very easy amazing dish in my crock pot slow cooker. Carnitas or Mexican pulled pork. It was succulent and delicious. We served it with mexican rice, black beans and warm soft tortillas. I think the slow cooker is a very good way to cook for quads or anyone wanting an easier one pot approach. I just made a nice rub of spices and coated a pork butt, let it set overnight in the frig. Put a couple of bay leaves in the crock pot, then the pork butt. Then carefully poured 2 cups of chicken broth on the sides (not on the pork). Cooked it all day. The meat falls apart so easily with just a fork. A very tasty easy way to cook.