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DIY Project: Heat Resistant and Waterproof Apron

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    DIY Project: Heat Resistant and Waterproof Apron

    Hey everyone,

    I'm starting to cook on the stove top and am not ready to work with liquids until I get myself a smart set up. Here's what I've had in mind, but I'd love your advice on it since I didnt find much through searching the forums.


    - A flame retardant/heat resistant fabric (I'm thinking a fire blanket or something as retardant but not as heavy and warm)

    - A waterproof layer (possibly a silver space blanket because it's inexpensive, but concerned about heat retention for the wearer)

    - A cover apron (serves for aesthetics, easy clean up, and a pattern for the protective layers)

    Mostly everything can be found on for a decent price, but I'm still wary about the fire blanket specifically. I can't sweat so once I'm hot it takes forever to cool off and vice versa.


    - I was thinking to make the protective layers go down to cover my feet.

    - I'd sew the wool and space blanket together, then attach grommets to snap it to the apron cover.

    - Add grommets to the apron cover.

    This way it can get washed easily as well as prevent heat and spills from burning/soaking your whole body. Plus, you can make it as stylish (or not) as you'd like.

    I'd love to hear your comments and advice on this so I hopefully do it right the first time. Anyone have any ideas about flame and heat resistant fabrics that would work better than a fire blanket?

    Thanks in advance!
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    what about one of those insulated blankets they sell to keep baked dishes warm?


      I was thinking that but so far the material is $15-$16 a yard from what I've seen. I didn't do a thorough search of that. The fire blanket is around $25 and it's 4'x6', so it's cheaper but not more practical. I'll grab some links for the fabric and see what I come up with. Thanks, Jody!
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        This has two types in two different colors between $7.50 and $14.50 a yard:

        I think the quilted one would work best. Maybe you wouldn't find a need to make a cover since it seems to be thin enough to wash easily, though it would still need to be water proof somehow. has the same types with slightly less options for about a dollar more (you'd qualify for free shipping right away):
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          So I looked around on and decided that I won't make an apron cover. I'm toying around with the idea of putting velcro pockets onto the heat resistant fabric (I prefer the quilted version) but I think it's unnecessary. Now that I don't want to make an apron cover, I'm not sure if I want to attach the waterproof layer directly to the heat resistant fabric or make it detachable for washing ease. I'm also thinking snaps may not be a good idea because if there was a spill, they would heat up.

          I'll keep updating. Hopefully you guys can help me figure out the best way to do this
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            I saw a video of a guy making one. Im tryng to find it.




              I found this one about proban fabric. If I can find one reasonably priced and at the right length, I'm hoping it'll make life easier for me as far as construction.


              Here I found a proban one with a 48" length and it's very reasonably priced including shipping and handling, only $15.20. The girl in me says it's ugly, but the optimist says I can make it better. We'll see.
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                You might consider a "smoker's apron". We have a couple of these where I work to use with clients who persist in smoking in spite of a history of having burned themselves or even set themselves afire with cigarettes. They are carried by several elder safety product manufacturers, and usually made out of some type of fireproof fabric like Nomex.

                Here are a couple of examples:





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                  Thanks for the suggestion and links! I've looked at them and they are pricey for what they are, but it's medical so I'm not surprised by that.


                  This one is proban and seems to work well according to the Youtube clips I found. It's also reasonably priced. My big concern now is that it doesn't prevent heat from transferring through. So if I spill on myself, I'll be dry but I'll still get the heat and possibly burn. Any suggestions on how to get around that?
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                    I use a cow hide. Got it from Taddy. Cut a hole in it like a poncho. You can get seconds and lighter weights, but I use it welding. There is also welding paper. Might check into a auto body supply store near you to see if they have it. Weights nothing and won't burn. I don't know how water proof it is. Its brown so not that attractive, unless you want to look like a sausage. There are also aluminumized welders aprons. Fairly light and SHINY.