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  • bread making machines

    i am a quad c6c7. who on here uses them likes and dislike the easiest and best to use?

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    I have one of these:

    It makes good bread and is easy to use. I have never used a different machine so have nothing to compare it to.


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      I used a few, they are nice
      I used to set everything up saturday night to come on auto sunday morning and bake the bread, great smell in the morning after a good drunk, fry up a couple pounds of bacon and have me one helluva blt.
      my mom has one also, every now and then i'd bring mine over and we'd do the pizza dough in them, then have a great pizza making dinner for all

      seems like i got bored after awhile, having to get the flour, etc and just quit doing it, but it was fun while it lasted
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