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    Make your own yogurt its easy and so good I make a batch every week and throw blueberries or strawberries in or just plain yummy . by putting in strainer basket I can make greek yogurt


      How do you make homemade yogurt?


        We put a big spoonful of the Honey Greek god yogurt in our fruit smoothies. Makes them so creamy. YUM!
        Vjls please share how you make yogurt.


          I make yogurt, I started with Alton Brown's yogurt recipe. You can buy a yogurt maker for fermenting, or use a crock pot as long as it has a low enough setting. I use a heating pad. I've altered my recipe over time for what I want. You set aside a bit of the yogurt you made for your starter next time. You shouldn't do this more than 7 times though as the bacteria to yeast cultures can become unbalanced. So every 8th time you should use a store bought yogurt or yogurt starter. For a store bought yogurt as starter you need to make sure it has the words "contains live cultures" and not just "made from live cultures." All yogurt is made from live cultures, if it wasn't it wouldn't be yogurt. But popular yogurt brands like Dannon, Yoplait, generally pasteurize/kill the cultures before sending the yogurt to stores for longer shelf life.

          You can strain yogurt for thicker greek like yogurt, but greek yogurt isn't made the same way. If you're looking for the same taste of store bought greek yogurt you can't just strain regular yogurt.
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            this is my recipe forgot where I got it 5cup water 2c driedmilk heat im mirco wave about 5 minute u may need to adjust to urs. to 185o cook till 115 no higher or kill actice yogurt sir in 2 heaping tablespoons
            I was doing mine in oven with light on covered up in towel for 12 hrs but consistency was never there my crockpot was to hot so I spent 35.00 on amzaonfor a yougurt maker its great. I get my mix ready pour in
            8 to 10hrs later yougurt. if you want super thick it has a strainer. u can also make yourgurt cheese with it. I make a batch a week yummy

            lin I did not know that as I have not every bought greek yogurt . tks


     sells all kinds of yogurt starters, including Greek and Bulgarian. Make your own from grass fed milk from Whole Foods and it's absolutely delicious. Lots of You Tube videos on making yogurt, and plenty of electric or non-electric yogurt makers on Amazon. Good luck.


                Albertson's in the DFW has these:
                Greek Gods Greek Yogurt Traditional Plain
                Horizon Organic Organic Whole Milk Plain Yogurt
                Stonyfield Smooth & Creamy Whole Milk Plain Yogurt

                And, yes, Greek Gods is delicious. And, yes, that's what I've got in my refridgerator right now. I've been getting to do my own grocery shopping lately. Somehow, when anyone else did my shopping for me, they could never understand, "NOT zero fat. NOT low fat. I want full fat. I want yogurt from whole milk. And, if available, I want 'cream on top' (Stoneyfield). I'm NOT on a diet!" And yet, my dear friend brought me 2% fat yogurt, a package of 6, I think, all stuck together by their little plastic edges, with some fruity syrup in the bottom of each little cup, and their high sugar make up for 'no taste' in the yogurt. I, broken-hearted, pointed to the "2% fat", and asked if she and her family could use it, as I handed it back to her. She didn't know that "2%" is low fat.

                P.S. jck77, you are my inspiration! I will copy your post to my tablet.
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