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Dinner party -- BBQ chicken

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    Originally posted by faith9778 View Post
    I wish I had advice. I'm nervous that the food may not turn out okay.
    You've had lots of advise. What kind of advise are you looking for or expecting?

    btw. I thought you said you had some cooking skills you wanted to show off.
    If you've got the skills, believe in them and stay confident. You said you learned the lesson to just relax over things. Revisit that lesson and relax. Just enjoy the dinner and your company.

    If the guy gets sick or food poisoned or something, no worries.... just think of that as an opportunity to visit him again.... maybe bring some flowers, candy, or rent a movie....just don't bring any homemade chicken soup.


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      I can cook pretty good, but I'm just nervous how it will be warmed up. But I believe everything will turn out okay.

      Oh yeah, the advice about warming things up where it will turn out okay. Thanks for the advice on everything else. I am looking into using a lot of the advice.
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