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    Is this the right section to ask about diets?
    Has anyone tried Medifast. My physical therapist is nudging people in that direction. He claims its worked well for him and many friends.
    At first glance it seems like a good plan. Anyone have experince with it?


    I don't have any experience with Medifast. It is a meal replacement program like Nutrisystem. The biggest problem I see with these diets is transitioning back to "normal" foods. If you have an event for which you want to take off a few pounds in a short time, then these kinds of programs help you do that in a healthy way. But, going back to a normal diet may cause you to gain the weight right back, because you didn't learn to control portions and adjust the types of food you eat in a real world.

    All the best,


      Thanks - I hope to get more info on this soon.
      From what I've read - this plan was developed by a doctor to prepare patients for surgery when they were at risk from obesity.
      I'm looking to get rid of 50+ lbs because I'm mobile but have very restricted mobility - hope that weight loss might go far to help this situation.

      I think that if I can get the weight down, activity and exercise will be that much easier.
      We'll see.

      Once again - thanks for input.


        I think the best way to lose weight would be to eat a normal healthy low-calorie diet and increasing your activity to burn more energy. Rather than going on some restrictive weight loss diet plan, it's best to have a varied diet that will be more nutritionally complete.

        If making change has been difficult for you, can you just start off by cutting your food intake by a third or half, drink more (water) before meals and throughout the day, and increase your activity and start a regular exercise regimen?

        If you're not sure what you're really eating and how much, it may help you to keep a food log or diary. Include in that your daily activities. People may not realize how much of their food/calorie intake really impacts on their weight, even when they're on some type of diet and think they are eating as they should, so writing it down can make it easier to see what's actually going on.

        Activity and exercise will be easier with less weight, but weight won't get less without activity and exercise. How mobile are you? Just start moving more. Don't wait for weight to go down first.


          I'm mobile enough to get around with a single point cane, mostly.
          I commute by train into NYC and use a wheeled walker to get from station to office (@ 1/4 mile total). Lots of pain in legs though.
          I exercise fairly regularly but not enough. Since taking train - I'm too tired at night to do a good job - I used to work out more religously when I was driving to work.

          I was just wondering if something like Medifast would be a good jump start.
          My personal best results have been with Weight Watchers and I'm leaning towards that approach even if I don't get a membership.
          I find that the quantification of points allows for a more honest approach to food intake - i.e. - if I get home at night and I know I already took in 20 points - I know exactly what I can eat. Low on points - better stick to salad / veggies.