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new Thai Restaurant opened up

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    My mom is a Caterer so my brother and I grew up cooking and eating all kinds of different foods. Bro is now a cook also so it's even better
    Pad Ke Mao is delicious also, but I haven't figured out how to successfully make it at home yet.
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      I loved it!!! YUMMY!!!

      I had Black Pepper & they added bamboo shoots for me.
      Brought half home & it was even better warmed up.

      My daugter had this appetizer (we shared)
      Deep-fried mixed vegetables and glass noodle rolls
      Chicken On Toast (4 pieces)

      We both loved chicken on toast & spring rolls.
      I loved the red dipping sauce. yum yum!

      Then she had Pad-See-Ew
      I don't think she liked it much.
      I tasted it and it was good but I liked your suggestion Black Pepper better.

      Then we shared fried banana in honey.
      Of course we both loved it! lol

      Thanks all your suggestions helped!
      I will go back soon.