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Diet soda risks

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    Originally posted by Art454 View Post
    They forget to tell you that breathing the air is bad for u

    There is nothing safe anymore and all u here on the news is this and that is bad for you.

    Am tired of all the crap on the news lately.

    The only escape is to drink more cola!


      It cracks me up that 7-Up & Sprite are now trying to sell themselves as ''natural''. The whole concept of soda pop is so far removed from nature-- as if we would willingly ingest anything that would naturally remove corrosion from our car batteries...yet millions of people drink Coke religously.


        I gave up diet sodas several years ago. I am now a firm believer in nothing with additives and/or preservatives. They say you should only shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Most of the stuff on the inside aisles (boxes and cans) are not healthy for you. My grandfather use to say, "The whiter the bread...the sooner you are dead".
        Incomplete T-12/L-1


          No one should drink that garbage. Period.
          My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.


            Not trying to patrionize anyone on here as my diet is far from perfect, but diet foods being worse for you may not be such a nonsensical notion since foods like sugar are natural, but substitutes the body doesn't recognize aren't.

            All we can really do is our best. I doubt you can completely avoid everything bad for you.