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    Paleo diet

    Any of you eating the caveman way?
    Me and my hubby been doing it for about a year now .
    My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.

    Sounds good Macska. How are you and your husband doing on it and how are you finding not eating grains? what results have you had?


      Originally posted by marycsm77 View Post
      Sounds good Macska. How are you and your husband doing on it and how are you finding not eating grains? what results have you had?
      Getting of the grain wagon can be tricky since they are very addictive. So there is a period of a few weeks when I was feeling the withdrawal symptoms.
      Now I feel great, feel cleaner somehow. LOL on he inside. Don't get bloated either.
      We don't feel deprived either.
      Overall, we love it.
      ps. the meat you eat has to be grass fed.
      My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.


        Would love to know how this is going for you. I am interested in startin this and want to ease into it. I think I am going to start with the Zone diet/eating habits and then into the paleo lifestyle. It all makes sense and seems like it would be healthy. Did you have any difficulty with starting the program as far as stomach and bowels go? I am afraid to jump right in cause I dont want any problems with the bowels.


          Paleo? Ever wondered why human menstural cycle 28 days? Humans have poor night vision and can only hunt at full moon, they can only engage in a persistance hunt at full moon. Humans can't run in the dark.

          You need to be vegan 27 out of 28 days to be healthy.

          I.e. eat gathered seeds, roots, etc. 27 out of 28 days. On the 28th day can eat what hunters got.

          In Australia, Aborigines the real hunter gathers have diabetes from supermarket food. You'll find the same with Kalahari and Eskimos too,

          Only Europeans (90%) have better tolerance for eating raised animals.

          The Paleo diet comes from the mythical time when humans coexisted with dinosaurs.


            Sorry zagam, but dinosaurs were extinct more than 50 million years before the paleolithic period. And humans can hunt in the daytime. I am not sure what your point is.
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              Imagination Land

              In the imagination land of Paleo and creation dinosaurs were around. Paleo is just as mad as creationism, statistics or any other myth.

              My daughter who is a GP has a patint with high choletersol who is neither complying with diet or statin treatment. When told to cut fat and especially saturated fat the patient said, but it is coconut oil.

              Not crazy in coconut enough for the mental healt act, but at least will know what to put on the death certificate.

              Real hunter gathers do a lot more gathering than hunting and what they gather is harder to digest. These ones only existed long after dinosaurs became extinct and the rise of the mamals. The real ones are Australian Aborigines (various) that still live in the bush and the San (or Saan) of the Kalahari.

              As hunter gathers often engage in a persistance hunt there is strong desire so that they will udertake this extraordinary effort. Much more effort than killing a dumb farm animal. Australian Aborigines also must use patience and stealth as you can't out run some of what they hunt.

              Raising animals to cut up and sell in supermarkets is what is killing Australian Aborigines who have lower tolerance than those descended from Europeans. Sugar and refined starches is also not doing them that much good.

              Early American explorers thought they were poisoned by the natives when they ate too many rhizomes that they thought were potatoes. They were just hard to digest and ate too many.

              As for the Medeterranian diet. It will also still kill you, but take longer. See Dr Esselstyn and what happens when you look at data outside the noise floor.

              The book is not that good a read, but in the papers when you get out of the noise floor its starts to work almost like the real science that I know. (In real science such as physics the prediction must pass inside the error bars of all data.)

              Sticking to the diet is not that easy so more Medeterranian that I grew up with plus statins.

              I scoff every time I hear clinically proven. The cosmetic industry and the corrupt pharma industry love this. There is no real fraud in cosmetics as no one expects it to work. Statistics is the last refuge of the charlatan. Get out of the noise now.

              If I want to look at noise I play with TRNGs.

              I autoshred anything that contains the word percent. In EE tend to use PU for real known probabilities that have a physical basis. I.e. Arrhenius failure activation.