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Beer Can Chicken

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  • Beer Can Chicken

    Very good and easy to prepare.

    1 whole chicken, 5 lbs or so
    your favorite dry spice rub
    small onion or potato
    1 can of beer

    Remove the neck and giblets, clean chicken and dry with paper towels. Rub chicken with dry rub and set aside.

    Open your favorite can of beer and drink about half of it, Coors is not my favorite beer just what was in the frig. I found a cool stand at lowes in the bbq section, but you can also just balance the bird on a can. A 16 oz beer can works best for bigger birds. Slip the birds butt over the can and place the onion in the neck. I place the bird on a foil tray to make clean up easy.

    Cook the chicken over medium-high indirect heat with the grill covered for 1 1/4 hours. Check to make sure the thigh juice runs clear. Remove from grill and let sit about 15 minutes, than carve away and enjoy.

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    We make beer can chicken all the time. Comes out really moist. Good recipe


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      Hi gang I call my style hobo chicken I do all sort of crazy things with my recipes ..
      We make beer can chicken all the time it is fun

      Sometimes I like to put Mint or Garlic in the tang hole open thingie you pop the top with and the herbs add lots of intersting flavor

      Or stuff the chicken with a handful of other herbs like carrots and a tsmall tomato before I place it on the holder Frame . Depends on the mood ..

      Sometimes I used Soda with a 50 50 % mix of beer and cola oooooh very flavorfull you can even substitute beer with a good red merlot
      Theres alot of interesting simple fun ways to flavor the chicken this is very fun .
      I love outdoor life

      My Friend he likes using BarBq Sauce rub on his then wrapping it with tinfoil and cooking it .


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        Beautiful bird!!!
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          I bet that bird is saying "Coors Light???!!!" Just ribbing ya. I would use Bud Light myself
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            Originally posted by Suzie Q View Post
            I bet that bird is saying "Coors Light???!!!" Just ribbing ya. I would use Bud Light myself

            That was one of my white trash chicken's that loves Coors Light...
            Living the Dream, C6/C7 incomplete.


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              I know this recipe is not complicated, but.....I have made it before and while it turns out looking great, the quality of the meat reminds me more of a poached chicken than one done on/in the grill. Am I doing something wrong?



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                I find the chicken to be super moist. We shove a half a can of beer up his back end and balance the chicken on the can. Can it be too moist?


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                  We make it all the time but in the smoker for 3 hours...ALWAYS moist! I think it's best w/ bbq sauce.


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                    Great Pics! Good Idea!