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Pizza Night

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    Pizza Night

    After spending most of the day at the pool with my daughter, we needed and decided on simple pizzas. Everyone made their own individual pizzas. I think mine was the best!!!!

    My daughter loves chicken on her pizza, so I grilled up a couple breast while we built our pizzas.

    We used these Flat Out Flatbreads for crusts. These things are fantastic on their own, especially for grilled pizza's!

    I started my pizza off with Fire Roasted Tomato and Garlic Tomato Sauce.

    Then added Parmesan and a little Mozzarella cheese.

    Then added 1 can of chopped clams.

    Slivers of fresh garlic and oregano.

    Finally red bell peppers and red onion and a touch more Parmesan.

    Here's Cathryn's pizza which had grilled chicken, ham, pepperoni, onion and cheese's.

    My wife's pizza consisted of pepperoni, onion, pepper and cheeses.

    Cathryn's is almost done!

    Their pizza's are done, now it's time for mine!

    Here's my clam pizza!

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    Hard to type as I try to wipe the drool off my keyboard. Yum! To me pizza is the perfect food, tantalizing the taste buds, aroma straight out of heaven, and incredibly versatile. You have kicked it up a notch though, and you could cook for me anytime! (please.....)


      That looks wonderful as always... but I have to say that the clams remind me of the times I've had to nurse sick kitties. A cat cannot resist a can of clams!


        Geeesh, these guys takin pics on their diner? Gawd, I'd dive in and eat eat eat. Don't think i could wait.
        But great idea!! Could use a whole wheat dough, then add whatever ya want. Thanks for the messy keyboard,,,,, Food porn---with pics.


          man your threads make me hungry you have some yummy food cooked up
          to alcohol the cause of-and solution to-all of lifes problems [homer simpson]


            Your wife is so lucky...

            Now I want pizza but have to settle for Tombstone. That is what my hubby can pull off. lol

            I'm going to have to stop opening your threads!