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Grilled Eggplant stuffed with Proscuitto and vegetables.

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    Grilled Eggplant stuffed with Proscuitto and vegetables.

    I had something similar to this at work the other day and really really liked it. So I decided to make it with my own twists. I highly recommend trying this, as it was one of the best dishes I've ever made and extremely simple. Recipe can be found at The Wolfe Pit.

    Started off caramelizing a very thinly sliced red onion and red pepper in a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil, kosher salt and pepper.

    Then I added a couple cups of rough chopped fresh spinach, couple minced garlic cloves and then deglazed the pan with roughly 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar.

    Then I added about 2 TBS of plain bread crumbs to kinda bind the filling together.

    Then I removed the pan from the heat and folded in approximately 1/2-3/4 cup of mozzarella cheese. Set the filling aside and let cool.

    Sliced one large eggplant lengthwise as thin as I could. Santa, I want a mandolin slicer for Christmas!! HINT HINT!! But my Forschner Slicer worked good enough. Spritzed with a bit of lemon juice to prevent it from turning black.

    Laid two slices side by side, salt and peppered.

    Laid out a couple slices of prosciutto .

    Then add approximately 1/4 cup of filling.

    Roll up tightly and skewer with as many toothpicks it takes to keep them together while grilling.

    Brush with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and let them set and marinate in the fridge for a bit.

    While the eggplant was in the fridge, I prepared my wife's dinner........Of course she has to have steak of some sort once a week...guess it's 'Texas Thing'! So I chunked up some sirlioin, red pepper and red onion and marinated in Newman's Own Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing.

    I added the eggplant and 4 pieces of Prochilo's Chicken from the night before for my daughter. She doesn't really like steak and didn't like the looks of 'eggplant'.

    Eggplant is done and it's time for a quick searing for the skewers.

    Dinner is ready.

    Here is my 'healthy plate'. Eggplant served on top of whole grain pasta, marinara sauce and sprinkle with a bit of Parmesan cheese.

    And my wife's plate served with garlic whole grain medley and brown rice.
    Visit - The Wolfe Pit Channel

    WolfeMan, you are one creative chef. That eggplant is really neat. I will give it a try in the near future. Thanks.
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      looks like alot of work but job well done.
      A dolla makes me holla, honey boo boo! - borrowed from Honey boo boo child


        Hey wolfeman, thanx for the ideas, they really help with dinner preps.