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Does anyone get Meals on Wheels?

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  • Does anyone get Meals on Wheels?

    Or a similar food service?

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    Hey, Uncle P. I did when I first returned to my home from a nursing home. As it is not means tested, income is not a consideration in eligibility.

    As I became more self-sufficient, I felt I no longer had need for the service. It was my thinking someone else could better use it.

    Do you have any specific questions about MoW and individual experience with it?


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      I do. I get 3 meals a week. Mostly because it keeps me eating healthy.


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        Originally posted by LaMemChose View Post
        Hey, Uncle P. I did when I first returned to my home from a nursing home. As it is not means tested, income is not a consideration in eligibility.
        That varies by the area. In my area, it is means based on a sliding scale (not free unless you are really poor). Waiting list is 6-8 weeks to get on the service. They bring a hot lunch and a cold sack dinner (at the same time). It is hospital food.

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          No, but that was the nickname my buddies gave me when I decided to start cooking.
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            UP, my brother-in-law delivered meals in a rural/small town area of PA. He delivered a week's worth of agency-made frozen microwavable meals to the people once each week. It was a dinner type meal. The people had to show need and were charged on a sliding scale.
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              Here it is mostly for seniors, they get charged $1.00 a meal but those on very low income get it free. With David because he is not a senior they were charging us $3.00 a meal and it was hospital type food, no seasoning whatsoever. Found it cheaper to buy regular tv dinners or just make extra for supper and put it in a microwavable dish for him to warm up.


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                easy meals, was MoW

                No, but there have been times in the past when I could have used MoW.
                This year I discovered Dr. McDougall's instant vegan soups
                and cereals:
                they're delicious, nutritious, affordable
                and easy to prepare-just add hot water. An
                excellent meal option when I don't have the energy to cook.
                I don't use convenience products much, but these are good quality and value. i buy from amazon or


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                  I've had this Black and Decker Convection Oven for a while now. I use it pretty much everyday. To either cook frozen foods or warm up food. It works well but with this model, you can burn yourself opening or closing the door if you're not careful.

                  They have all types of models.


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                    Here they also deliver what are called shelf meals that can be eaten later or on the weekend when there is no delivery.
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                      Thanks for the input, folks.
                      Every region must have different eligibility requirements and cuisine.
                      I plan to inquire about MOW after the holidays.