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    How is everyones garden? Mine is finally in!!! I've been having peppers for weeks and a few cucumbers,zucchini and squash here and there in between traveling. The okra is out of control and I finally have tomoatoes. Just waiting on the corn, the best part. The watermelon are blooming and trailing everywhere, the sunflowers all died.
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      Soo much rain here it has wreaked havoc. 9 different heirloom tomatos

      One in a topsey turvey dying witha few cherry tomatoes picked

      Deer ate the top half of my yellow and red brandywines more coming though

      a couple dozen yellow cherry

      and lots and lots of blossom end rot on all from the weather.

      Still have 2 months and a fair bit of fruit on the vine ripening, fingers crossed.

      Basil a disappointment and my Thai basil barely growing

      not a great year in CT for gardens.



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        We've had bad weather too. My garden did suprisingly well though. I'm surprised bc I really neglected it with all the traveling and stuff.
        If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

        Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.


          Damn Bill, I thought I was in trouble, rain and SLUGS, didn't notice till it was almost too late. Green ones finaly, no peppers, no string beans, herbs down the tubes. But plenty of mold, everthing is a giddy green, white house etc. A late season for sure if any. Oh, and the squirells took the slug poison, in the bottle, twice. I hope they all die, the woman next door reported the bottle going past on the fence.


            My garden is struggling along. I've picked a few cherry tomatoes, banana peppers, and cucumbers. The bell peppers and roma tomatoes are hanging in there. The roma's are taking an unusually long time to ripen. I have one roma tomato that is starting to ripen. I've usually started making tomato sauce by now....


              Addiesue, your garden looks great! Mine is not doing so well. The salad greens and the tomatoes are the only things coming up, but the tomatoes are struggling.
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                Nice garden. I can't wait until I move to a different apartment complex sometime next year (still on the waiting list) and can grow a small veggie garden. Right now, my friend Gerri, has been getting stuff for me out of her garden. I had green beans this afternoon for a snack.



                  I had pretty much given up on a garden just because of the difficulty of the whole thing from a chair. But a few years ago I bought my dad a garden thing called an Earth Box to experiment with. Well, they work and they work great! Best of all he made some for me out of 5 gallon buckets. They can be set at an ideal height to water which is all that's needed after planting. No need to fertilize after planting, no weeds, and no rodent issues. Oddly enough the insects leave the plants alone too. I have lots of tomatoes and am trying strawberries. Mine are also on a rolling wooden platform so if severe wind and/or hail comes my way I just pull them under cover. So if you want fresh vegetables but don't want, can't do or don't have room for a traditional garden Google Earth Box and see if it'll work for you. I *think* you can buy them locally now, at the time I bought his they were only available online. I'll post a pic if I can remember to.


                    I've got three tomatoe plants thriving in an Earthbox even though they recommend only two per box. But i heard long ago that tomatoes plants love company!
                    I've also got some leaf lettuce and eggplants in plain old planters that are doing pretty well.
                    I'm going to try a homebrewed "earthbox" from big rubbermaid containers now. Maybe I can get some late season veggies going.
                    Happy gardening.



                      If you are worried about getting pressure sores on your bottom while out in the garden, I found that if I sit on that Jay Protector cushion, it helps a great deal when sitting on the pavement or grass.



                        Thanks for the tip jessie but as a C6 if I'm on the ground it's a bad thing. Here's a pic of my setup. The birds like the tomatoes so the fence went up to keep them out. There's one tomato plant per bucket. About 35 tomatoes at pic time. The far left bucket has the strawberries - first I've tried them, no fruit yet though. All-in-all easy gardening, just add water!


                          Tumbleweed - that's a great setup!


                            Funny .. in an odd sense.

                            I had purchased some of those pre-growth roots from Wal-mart for Strawberries.

                            I had thought they were rather amazing, especially because they didnt have those little thorns. Thought perhaps they were some hybrid.

                            Well, my new Strawberry/Potato plants produces quite a few potato/strawberrys. First I had ever heard of that, strawberry plants growing potatos. Perhaps they just mixed the roots up when they packaged them? Or just mixed up the packages.

                            The second package I had purchased has finally produced it's first Tomato. Why yes, it was apparently a strawberry/tomato hybrid.
                            I've got several more on the vine just waiting to ripen.

                            Think Wal-Mart should relable their 'Strawberries' as 'Mystery Plants'.
                            Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B



                              The gardens pictured are looking great. We have had a poor year for growing. My heat loving plants (tomatoes, peppers and basil) are not liking this weather at all. I am glad that there are farmer's markets around here.


                                Great Pictures!

                                Here's a photo of my effort to "The Good Life"!

                                There are more photo's, soon to be updated on my site at: Wheelchair Accessible Gardening if anyone's interested.

                                We grew some Pumpkins, but the mildew got them due to all the rain, plus, they grew like mad and covered all the other produce in one of the boxes.