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    Yogurt Makers

    I decided I want to purchase a yogurt maker. I've wanted to before, but never got around to it. I eat on average 3 servings of yogurt a day and think it would be a fun machine to own. The benefits of fresh yogurt with live cultures make it even more worth it. Looking at this one because it has automatic shut off feature:

    Anyone use yogurt makers?
    I see the yogurt starter is 17.99 for 10 packs...wonder how long they last?

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    It's been years but I've got a recipe somewhere that just used unflavored yogurt as the starter...I'll search for it or I'm sure a google would bring it up...we go through 3 a day with frozen fruit and flax seeds make it yummy... I was looking for a maker so I could start making it again, thanks! judy


      I've never seen one of those before. Do you know someone that has one that you've tried before? I wonder if it taste as good as store bought yogurt.

      I love yogurt too. I always buy the Yoplait Light..Key lime is my favorite.
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        I'm pretty sure you just need yogurt as a starter. The active cultures in yogurt will work to make more cultures in a fresh batch. I only remember that because I thought at the time it was funny that to make yogurt, you needed yogurt, but why would you make some if you had some already...


        did you try to wiki it or google it?

        America's Test Kitchen or Alton Brown's recipes are usually a good place to start. I think Alton Brown is even on youtube for a bunch of stuff. That dork knows everything.

        America's Test kitchen usually tries out all kinds of machines and stuff to see what gives you better results... and they do the same with recipes too... they might be able to tell you if wasting money on those starter packs is necessary or not...
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          Mmm, I've read online there are ways to just make it in a thermos or with a heating pad, the yogurt maker sounds much more convenient.

          Shannon, I know a few people that make their own and they say it tastes better and is way cheaper than store bought. You also won't have all those additives and weirdo crap they put in it (like gua gum feisty!). You'll have to add your own flavoring and sweetner as needed. I did also read it's not as thick as store bought but adding powdered milk before you make it solves that.

          Feist, thanx for the suggestions. Test Kitchen had no reviews and Alton Brown says use a jar and heating pad, lol, guess he isn't into gadgets that have one use only although I would probably use this weekly. It def wouldn't just sit on a shelf. You're right you can just use plain yogurt to start then use your own yogurt as starter. Recycled yogurt...not to mention all the empty containers that I will be saving the environment from. I'm kinda a hero like that.
          Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know that, so it goes on flying anyways--Mary Kay Ash


            Originally posted by feisty View Post
            That dork knows everything.
            i love that dork!

            and nov, he's not machine prone. he goes old school as much as he can.
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              I have one, don't use as much as should. You just heat milk to where it is bubbling around the very edges of the pan, add yogurt starter (different bacteria have different functions, such as boosting immune system-big nono for me-or speeding up bowels) pour it in these little cups that sit overnight in a warmer. the longer they sit, the thicker the yogurt. If you use purchased yogurt for your starter, it needs to be unflavored PLAIN organic yogurt, and absolutely fresh. The cultures start dying rapidly.

              I need to make my own w/ Activia as a starter. That stuff is the shizzle for sluggish bowels!

              Try to use organic milk, and try to go for whole milk to get more calories and healthy fats into you. Add sugar, fruit, fruit preserves and what have you just before eating.

              I only have the machine b/c it was a gift. Below, 2 articles on making yogurt easily, with no special machine.


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                I dont like to have yogurt... but i make dessert in yogurt and have... it sounds good than having a plain yogurt...


                  Hmmm Am I the only guy that likes Yogurt? I am seriously going to watch this thread!