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Pictures Of Wheelchair-Accessible Cribs

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    Pictures Of Wheelchair-Accessible Cribs

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had pictures of wheelchair-accessible cribs that they/their family or friends designed/made. My life partner, Dan and I are planning on kids someday, and I'm curious to see what they look like. I've seen the one on the one website, Through The Looking Glass. But, I wanted to get some other ideas of what they'd look like.

    I'm not in a wheelchair full-time (even though I use my power and manual wheelchairs almost everyday), but I can't stand for more than three minutes or so, because of the way the scoliosis curve affects my back.

    Thanks, Samantha

    There is a lot of stuff about cribs, including pictures and other links. Click on search on the main toolbar. Type in cribs. Here are the first couple of links I found:



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