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Kids and the concept of "cathing"

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    I think if the child's been brought up around it they won't think it's anything weird. I started cathing when I was around 9 I think so that would have made my brother around 2. He's been around hospital enviroments all his life because of my stuff or my dad's. LOL when my dad was in hospital imdediately following his stroke my brother was doing some range of motion stuff with my dad & one of the nurses walked in & started quizing him about what kind of healthcare job he had, when he kept replying in the negative she finally asked him what he did. She was rather shocked to find out he was a forest firefighter. I was sitting right beside the bed so I don't know why the nurse didn't put two & two together. I mean I've had joe public figure out I have Spina Bifida then again I did have one Physical Therapist ask me what year I had my SCI....


      Kids ask the craziest things. I always make sure I answer them. I have 3 girls so I have to watch how I say things to tham. They are ok with how things are and don't feel bad about things, so I am lucky in that sence.
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