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    i dunno, i'm seeing the pic just fine.

    bro the wifey looks great for someone who delivered twins not so long ago. you gots yo'sef a good lookin' fam.

    hey btw, reply to my recent myspace comment


      these babies are so cute..!!!! I need to wait for a few years before my FH agrees to have children


        The babies are adorable! What did you name them?

        I echo Scott's comments. For just delivering twins your wife looks amazing. You have a beautiful family! Congrats!!!
        "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean


          Caleb and Alethia

          We named them Caleb and Alethia(ahh-lay-thee-ahh)! the are such a joy and 14 wks today.......thanks for all your comments!

          Deadeye......thanks for the tlk last night

          Scott....i haven't checked the messages in awhile, but i'll get on it!

          here's another pic.....can't resist myself
          "The Task Ahead Of You, Is Never As Great As The Power Within You"


            Here it is, at least for me. My wife and I have a 2 and 1/2 year old son that we were able to have without drugs or fertility. Actually he came to us and we did not know that he was coming to us. I am a t-8, originally diagnosed a complete. Not sure if that has changed or not. But here is what I think, after thinking about it long and hard, were factors in being able to have kids without any assistance. I always was quick to take care of any UTI's that I developed shortly after injury, because I do not have them any longer. And, the biggest factor that I think had to do with it is that I quit wearing underwear about a year after my injury, which was 13 years ago now. I really think that wearing the undies keeps the temp of the testes higher than what they should be and contributes to low sperm count and motility. At first I was kind of nervous because he did not look like me and I knew of the poor chances of sci males having kids naturally. But now, there is no doubt that that boy is mine. As long as he doesn't look like me when he gets older.