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Pregnant & Needing Info. on Modified Baby Equipment

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    Pregnant & Needing Info. on Modified Baby Equipment

    Hello Everyone~

    I am 5 months pregnant & soliciting ideas for a modified crib, changing table, etc. I am a strong C6-7. Any ideas or pics of your equipment would be greatly appreciated!


    There are special co-sleeper cribs that attach to a regular adult bed. I found this crib very helpful when my girls were infants, because I could just grab them easily to nurse them.
    As for changing tables, I never used one. I just changed the girls on a changing pad that was on my bed. It was easier and less space was taken up by a bulky table.

    I found that hooking a jogging stroller to the front of my wheelchair allowed me to have one girl in the stroller and another in a sling on my lap. I have a Gerry Zoomer jogging stroller that works great for thsi and you only need a couple bungee cords to hook it to a wheelchair. Also, a baby sling like the Nojo or New Native Baby are a MUST for wheelchair bound parents! My youngest daughter is 23 months and still loves to be carried in a sling on my lap. Also, if you are going to be breastfeeding, get the My Brest Friend nursign pillow. It will stay on your lap easier than a Boppy, because it has a clip that hooks around your waist. I loved this pillow when the girls were infants (they are toddlers are still nursing!).

    If you need any other advice, let me know.



      Here are some sites to check out:

      I know several women who have used a plain card table (with raised legs, which is easy to do) for a changing table.

      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


        i don't have time to type much right now but do a search for old posts by me relating to baby/toddler - I've written a lot in the past.

        And congrats on the pregnancy, I'm so happy everytime another SCI woman has a child - they are such a blessing!
        Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.


          Here's a couple websites that have supplies that helped me out in both of my pregnancies:

          1. (sells cloth menstrual pads, very soft against sore vagina's)
          2. (sells the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper bed and Snuggle Nest Co-Sleeper travel bed)
          3. (sells the New Native Baby sling, very easy to put on and no hooks or rings to fiddle with)
          4. (sells very comfortable nursing bras and cloth nursing pads in all sorts of colors)
          5. (sells the Medela Pump In Style electric breast pump, a must if you are nursing)
          6. (sells natural products for pregnancy and baby like heartburn tea, hemerrhoid salve, diaper rash salve, breastfeeding supplies, and relaxation CD's)
          7. (sells cloth diapers that are an All-In-One design that are super easy for disabled mommies to put on a baby)
          8. (sells cloth diapers that are easy for disabled mommies to put on a baby)
          9. (sells cloth menstrual pads in all sorts of sizes and prints, excellent after birth!)

          Also, I really liked a thing called the Easy Expressions Hands-Free Pumping Bra. This bra allows you to pump breastmilk for your baby and still leave your hands free to do other stuff like talk on the phone, read a book, ect. It fits major electric auto-cycling pumps like Medela, Ameda, and Evenflo Elan. It can be found on Ebay for a low price.
          If you are going to bottle feed most of the time, I found that Evenflo wide-mouth bottles are really good and are easy to hold onto.

          Finally, go to and check out the book "The Disabled Woman's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth" by. Judith Rogers. I found this book very helpful during my last pregnancy.



            Hi, I just found the site today and have stayed on it as much as I can!! I am so excited that I have found a resource where I can actually talk to other mom's in a similar situation as mine! I am a t12 para and I have an 18 month old little guy. For my crib I had one modified that is better than anything I have seen commercially. My uncle who is a carpentar modified it. I can send you pics of the crib via email. I used an island style table as a changing table until he got too big. Now I just change him on the crib or the bed, or wherever I can catch him and hold him down long enough to do it! Anything you can roll up under works well. another idea for a changing table is ordering a commercial one like in a restaraunt and having it mounted. I used a mia wrap for my son as he got older and a baby bjorn harness when he was real little. i also fabricated a strap to the back of my chair to put around him and me like a seatbelt so he could sit in my lap. Now he just sits and rides. I used a stroller inside my house A LOT when he was little to get from one room to another. I have a peg perego, with one handle across ( a must for pushing). There is also and adaptive baby care equipment book out of CA, you can order. I will have to find it to get the website, ( I will post later). i know this all sounds a little jumbled, I will write more tomorrow, when it is not so late.

            Children are such a blessing and a gift. This is going to be an amazing experience for you!


              Modified Crib

              I bought a crib at babiesrus and had someone modify it using instructions from (I think that's right). It turned out beautifully, at least in my opinion. I am attaching a picture. Basically, the gate that normally would move up and down was cut in half; one half was remounted in a fixed position and the other half so that it slides over the fixed half to "open" the crib. This gives me plenty of room to put my baby (13 weeks old) in and pull him out of the crib. I work at a University and had an engineer there do the modification. I am glad I didn't let my husband do it because it turned out to be more complex than it seemed. My one concern: the gate is not as strong now and when my son gets older, I fear he will easily break through the gate and tumble to the floor. For now, it works perfectly! I can dig up the instructions if you want them.

              I tried to figure out how to modify something as a changing table but never actually modified anything. Honestly, I don't need a changing table. I just change him on chairs, ottoman's, beds, in his crib, etc. I keep diaper caddy's next to all the places I sit with him so that I can change him without having to get back in my chair and move him somewhere else. In the caddy's I keep extra diapers, wipes, a changing pad (waterproof lap pads), a clean shirt, and a burp cloth. This REALLY works well for me.

              Also, I recommend getting a lightweight, compact stroller that you can use to move the baby around the house. I am a T-6 complete and find it challenging to carry him from place to place without him sliding through my legs, or now wiggling off my lap. I have a Combi DX stroller and LOVE it. I use it inside everyday.

              Another tip: for bathing I bought a shower bench and then set a plastic baby tub on top of it in the shower/bathtub (which has a handheld head I can use to fill the little tub). It is easy for me to safely bathe him this way.

              I am new to this site and to any web posting sites. So, I hope this and the uploaded photo post correctly.

              Good luck!