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    Web site for parents

    This is a web site called parentography which specializes in hotels, B & B, house rental services, and destinations that understand needs as a family, including babysitters at hotels, fun things for kinds, etc.

    On that note, try out Club Med for mucho family friendly destinations - and they are AWESOME with disability stuff. Not all of their destinations are kid inclusive, but they are clearly labeled as kids or no-kids. We had a blast on our trip to Club Med in central Florida about a year, no, two? ago. Small Boy had as much fun as we did, and they have full time kid care (from babies up to teenagers) that you can utilize as much or as little as you wish. Small Boy was shy then and stayed with us the whole time but with 4 swimming pools, bikes, rollerblades and trapeze lessons, it was a 5 year old paradise! And again, the disaiblity service was great. Not over the top "poor you" crap, just very aware and treated us just like anyone else with the extra help we needed, like a HUGE room that held his chair wihtout an extra charge.

    This trip was our honeymoon .... even take kid on that trip, lol! Small Boy is attached to mama's hip.

    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager



      Little boy attached to Mom's hip. I want to save your post for him, when he grows up.



        That is the truth story of growth up!
        dare to hope
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