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Finally the animal is put in jail.

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    Finally the animal is put in jail.

    After a year and a half of waiting, the animal that stabbed my brother finally got tried and found guilty of intent to murder among a few other charges. He left my brother crippled from the Chest down for life and this guy only has to do 14 years. Was justice served? Nothing will cure my brother, so my brother says he wouldn't care if the guy got 2 minutes in jail.

    One thing over with, next thing to deal with is the drugs still. We will continue to try to help him.

    Here is an old link, just click on the video.

    Here are some photo's of Dave in the hospital.

    Here is the article for the third guy, the one that actually stabbed him.

    "Haverhill man guilty of stabbing Marine
    By Karen Kapsourakis , Correspondent

    SALEM - Darel Reese was found guilty yesterday of stabbing a Marine veteran outside of a Haverhill bar, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down.Reese, of Haverhill, was sentenced to 14 to 16 years in prison for the June 10, 2005, stabbing of David Gingrass, 25, also of Haverhill."I'm sorry what I did to that family that night. I didn't intend to do what I did that day. I'm sorry," Reese said to Salem Superior Court Judge David A. Lowy before he was sentenced.Jurors, comprised of eight women and four men, deliberated for almost nine hours over two days, finding Reese guilty on all charges against him.During the sentencing, written statements from Gingrass' family were read, expressing their sadness over the way his life has changed since being left paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life."Two-thirds of David's body is useless. He has no hope of having children," his mother, Katherine Gingrass, wrote. "My son has been sentenced to life."Though family members and prosecutors asked for a longer 30-year sentence, Reese was ordered to spend 14 to 16 years in state prison on a charge of armed assault with intent to murder. The judge also gave him another nine to 10 years in prison for two charges of assault and battery causing serious bodily injury, another nine- to 10-year term for assault and battery and a maximum of 21/2 years in jail for the assault and battery. All those sentences will run simultaneously, instead of one after the other.Two others present during the stabbing, Reese's younger brother, Marcel, and George Cousins, both 19, are already serving three- to five-year sentences after previously pleading guilty to their part in the attack.The night of the stabbing, the trio went to several bars in downtown Haverhill and were turned away because two of them were underage. Reese's defense attorney, Michael Phelan, said Reese admitted to drinking beer and vodka and smoking marijuana that night.When the group went to a Washington Street bar, Gingrass was outside smoking a cigarette as they were turned away again.Gingrass said he suggested they try another bar. It was at that point he was hit in the face, apparently by the younger Reese. Then Darel Reese pulled out a knife and stabbed Gingrass twice in the lung and a third time in the spine, severing his spinal cord.As Gingrass was on the ground, the three men continued to kick and beat him.The three men fled from the scene but were arrested after an investigation.Gingrass, now 25, was paralyzed from the chest down as a result of the attack and is wheelchair-bound. He was a former high school wresting champion who enlisted in the Marines after high school and was working construction at the time of the incident.Although he chose not to be present for the sentencing or to present any impact statement, the prosecutor presented two statements from his mother and brother."As a mother I cry everyday," Katherine Gingrass wrote. "I watch him struggle with spasms. Some days he has courage, most days are not that good. I'm afraid for him all the time. Here is my child and I can't kiss it and make it go away.His brother, Mark Gingrass, told of how his brother no longer can run or jump trees and has to have all "special" equipment to function."His life has stopped. He was cheated of life," Mark Gingrass wrote, going on to plead for Reese to stay behind bars for 30 years.Prosecutor A.J. Camelio argued for a punishment of at least 30 years in prison based on the violence and randomness of the attack, a motive for which has never been explained."We will never know why Reese used a knife when the attack was for no reason," Camelio said. "He used the knife that night to kill Gingrass."Camelio noted his recommendation took into account the injuries suffered by Gingrass."His life ended that night. I hope he can go on," the prosecutor said.But the Reese family has also been "ruined," Phelan argued while asking for leniency during the sentencing hearing.Reese is single and was living with his parents, two brothers and a sister at 9 Fifth Ave., according to Phelan. Reese was a good student while in school and had been working at a fast-food establishment, he said.Phelan, who asked for a six-year prison sentence with a lengthy period of probation, later said he found the 14- to 16-year sentence "very reasonable."During his sentencing, Lowy noted the "harm" that was done, while saying he couldn't understand why Reese had stabbed his victim not once, but three times. The judge credited Reese for the 551-days he has spent in jail awaiting trial.But the years Reese will spend in prison will not stop the Gingrass family from mourning everything he has lost."I will take this to my grave," Katherine Gingrass wrote in her statement."

    Sorry to hear about this. A hundred years wouldn't be enough for these shitbags. Tell your brother this marine will keep him in his prayers.
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      I'm glad that he and the others were found guilty, but the punishment does not fit the crime. These punks should never see the light of day. They were all out looking for trouble and tried to end the life of another. This is the problem with todays legal system, murderers get let go and this guy will be out before he's 40, that's if he even serves all 16 years. I can't believe that the charges run simultaneously.. that's absurd. What does this tell other future criminals? If you do 1 crime, you might as well tack on several more.. I wish the best for him and your family. Have you sought after doing an intervention? How is he aquiring the drugs and with what monies? I am assuming he is living at home. There are ppl. here that I have read in the past that have encountered behavior like this. I hope they reply.

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        I don't know what to say except that I'm sorry that your brother had this happen to him ~ it's so sad. It's good that he has you and a supportive family and friends to rally around him. Help him get past the anger. Being a former wrestler and Marine, he knows what hard work can accomplish ~ hopefully he will find something that will give him happiness and purpose in his life. There's many people here on Care Cure that have overcome their SCI ~ get him to start posting.
        My best wishes to you both.


          Tell your mom there is still hope for him having children. Lots of paralyzed guys do. Someday you'll know his life wasn't ruined although it sure wasn't improved.

          It's terrible what happened to him. He sounds not bitter though, and that is excellent imo.
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            Hi WhatsAPro,

            My motorcycle "accident" was a matter of a couple seconds either way. Your brother's savage attack and location of the stab wound to his spinal cord was a matter of an inch or maybe less. That's a bitch.

            Sorry to hear that you're disappointed with the sentence. I think attempted murder is the same as murder. In law, it's supposed to be the intent that counts. Just because the guy inadvertently missed a vital organ, that's just his stupidity or bad aim.

            Let's just hope the guy does even close to his sentence... sometimes they get out serving like half their sentence for "good behavior" or for other reasons. Hell, your suppose to behave well at all times.

            Young punks and alcohol don't mix.

            Maybe he'll fuck up in prison and get additional time. One can hope.

            I also hope your brother can straighten up and get off the drugs and alcohol and find a direction for his life. Not much else to say except that it really sucks.

            I hope you and your family, especially your Mom, can get your lives back together too.

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              My SCI was none of my own doing, or fault, I would seriously consider having the verdict rendered as, severing the SOB's spinal cord and letting him live his life out as does your brother, and all of us here. Let justice decide wether HE will ever walk, play, run, or be fit, to do,, for the rest of his life, as is your brother. Cruel? I don't think so, let the punishment be deserving of the crime, these are of course my feelings, I'd run him over the day he is released.


                Better yet, tell me when, I'll do it in a heartbeat, for you, I'm not that far from Mass., and I stilll have family up there. This was a "cheap shot" and deserves a life sentence,, to say the least, you're poor mother...


                  Yeah, I thought of that

                  When this happened I thought about running the dude over. He only lived 2 streets away from my whole family. I can't believe they let the other 2 out on bail just to live 2 streets away from us. I thought if i'd seen them on the street I would "accidentally" run them over. But with our justice system, I would get Fu*ked for doing that.

                  Weather or not it was his fault or anyone elses, it still happened. I feel bad for everyone with SCI and nobody deserves it. It makes me think about when I have kids, how much protection can they have if they want to motorcross, skateboard etc.. There is not protection for your back or neck.

                  Anyways, I no longer have contact with my bro because his phone got shut off. I would offer to pay for things like this phone, which I did. but he does too many drugs and I don't want to be part of that. I want him to reach bottom and realize that you can't have ANYTHING when your on crack. No phone, no place to live, nothing. I'm sick of people giving him money for food just so it goes to crack.


                    A good freind of mine, one I was involved in the accident with, not his fault either, his bother is the same thread, I hear you loud and clear, and you're right. You can't give in, and neither can any one else, they'll only promote the addiction, it is , unfortunatly, hard love. Good Luck. I now Know what you're about to go through.