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    Where did it go?

    I know, typical gramma. But I have to let someone know.

    Nick is at work and I have been waiting for him to get out. He gets out late so I have been holding this in all afternoon.

    When I got out of bed, I went to the living room and Isis was sitting on the couch with her dolls. She comes up to me and gives me a big smile. "Look gramma" she says. She smiles again. I asked her "What mama?"

    She gives a big smile again. I don't know what she wants me to look at. I ask her again, "What is it". She points at her teeth. I had missed it. . Her lower front tooth is gone. It had been loose for this past week but she had not wanted us to touch it. She said it hurt. Now she tells me she got a hold of it and wiggled it till it came out. I asked her where did she put it. "I dunno" she replies sweetly and gives me smile.

    This is her first tooth. We were amazed that it was loose since she is barely 4 yrs old and thought that the first teeth start falling around 6 yrs old. We are told that she is big too for her age. Her pedi says she is big for her age too. I wonder how many other things she is going to do ahead of time.

    Has anyone else had/known kids that develop like this?

    Now to find where that tooth went....

    Anyways, just had to tell someone before I pop with the news that I can't seem to hold in anymore.
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    Raven my son lost his first tooth at 3 years old. His first tooth was at 3 months old. My daughter is different she started losing her teeth at 5 years old. She just lost her front tooth yesterday. Good luck in finding that tooth. anty
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      It will be ok... The tooth fairy comes even if the tooth is missing in action!


        Our Sachi started teething when she was about 4 months old and the pedi said she was ahead of many. She has also started saying 2 or 3 words now. But as someone is always there with her she is lazy to crawl so when she wants anything she just points at it and expects us to get it for her. I understand how you want to share everything because when Sachi does something I also can't wait to tell someone. Maybe because I'm always at home she is very close to me. You have a great grandaugter. Give her a hug from me. .


          Just saw this. Did you find the tooth? My son is 6 and it is driving him nuts he doesn't even have a loose one. Now my daughter is crafty. She hid the tooth on purpose bc the tooth fairy has enough magic she will know where it is. Looked forever for that thing. She got her teeth early and walked early but everything else has been normal. She lost her 1st in Kindergarten. I think it's her crafty little brain that is advanced. Last year she wouldn't tell me what she asked Santa for. She mailed the letter before I could see it. Santa knows is what she said. TO amke it worse she only asks for one thing so she knows she'll get it. My mom finally tricked her into telling.
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            This thread sends me down memory lane. Raven, perhaps Isis is going to be athletic. My ped told me that children who develop early (my daughter did too) tend to be more athletic than usual.

            My baby will be 18 in 10 days. I come across her tooth fairy box while cleaning a drawer the other day. We both got a laugh because I went to her room and told her not to cry that the tooth fairy really wasnt real.....all I got was a long sigh with the sound of mmmmOOOOMMmmmm. LOL Then we both belly laughed at the time the tooth fairy knocked her out of bed. She had really just fallen out of the bed but she had a tooth under her pillow at the time.

            No amount of money could pay for my memories.

            Good luck finding the tooth. Sounds like she is very smart too.
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     son is having 3 years and didn't losed a tooth.

              is this good or bad?
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                i had one pulled the other day , one in the back, put it on the PC desk. got up next day , there was a loosy penny under it. cost me $120 get it pulled , she could of atleast left a twenty.
                oh well


                  riss started losing them at 5, bean at 3.5...theyre all diff.....hell i'm almost 40 and lost one last month, damn tooth fairy did'nt show up either.......