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conceiving children post SCI

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  • conceiving children post SCI

    how many men have successfully had a child years after sustaining a SCI? I can only assume that the numbers are not good, since SCI ends up being nothing but bad news on top of more bad news.

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    Originally posted by damagedgoods
    how many men have successfully had a child years after sustaining a SCI? I can only assume that the numbers are not good, since SCI ends up being nothing but bad news on top of more bad news.
    According to the following site:

    Vibratory stimulation can be used to obtain sperm/semen from 80% of men who have spinal cord injury above T10. For those who do not respond to vibratory stimulation, electroejculation can be used to stimulate nerves for ejaculation and this is successful 90% of the time. Note that retrograde ejaculation may occur, i.e. some of the sperm goes into the bladder rather than the out of the penis. In such a case, the sperm can be retrieved from the bladder. For the 10% of people in which vibratory or electrical stimulation does not work, the sperm can be obtained surgically.



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      Most good SCI fertility programs will quote a success rate (eg, a live birth of a baby) of about 30% through either vibratory stim, electro-ejaculation, or testicular aspiration.

      Some men with SCI do ejaculate with just masturbation or intercourse (less than 10%) but the quality of the sperm is also a problem. Just achieving ejaculation may not be enough. Often ART (artificial reproductive technology) such as IVF (invitro fertilization) or ICSI is needed. Highest fertility rates are maintained by avoiding long term indwelling catheters (especially urethral indwelling) and getting treatment immediately for symptomatic UTIs and epididymitis.

      Here is a good resource for more information on this:

      Of course donor sperm and adoption are also options. If you want a child, there are ways to have one for nearly everyone with SCI (male or female).

      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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        Maybe because of my low level (L1,L2) I have had no problem of ejaculating. But when I took a test I found out that the motility rate of the sperms is very low.


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          I have a 20 month old little boy when I am 13 years post injury, T-8. He came to us unexpectedly, actually we found out 2 weeks after moving to another state. I like to think that I did things over time that may have helped me to be able to conceive and would answer any questions you have about my situation. Just ask.


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            I have a 14 month old daughter. My husband (C6) was 5 1/2 years post injury when we conceived her through IVF. We used testicular biopsy to get the sperm. Unfortunately the stimulation did not work for us and electroejaculation is not done in our area.


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              I am one. I am a proud Father of a 15 year old son thru EES Your wife/partner will have to keep a chart on the best time to do this procedure, then I was brought in and shot up with Valium. They put a electric scope up your rectum and zap your sperm gland and you ejaculate a lot in a cup. They spin out the urine, bad sperm and take the good healthy big boy sperm and inseminate your wife/partner. Insurance does not pay for it and 15 years ago it cost $750.00 + extra with no promise. I was lucky and hit it the first time.


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                Or, you can be a good person and adopt.... what about a chinese baby or a disadvantaged child?

                Use lots of yohimbe, or viagra, or whatever your poison, and HOPE you get lucky.....or just adopt.


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                  I am adopted and love my family.


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                    Hi just wanted to add that my wife and I looked into adoption prior to having a child through IVF.At the time (it may have changed in the past 5 yrs since)but anyone with a sci was not able to adopt from china even if you already have a child, you will find that this is the case with most countries I think.The only two that I know of that accept anyone with a sci is vietnam and etheopia.
                    Still makes my blood boil thinking about it.
                    BTW we used electro ejaculation for our IVF procedure and then used ICSI, if you can produce sperm then your chances are just the same as anyone else going through ivf, if not better because ICSI takes away the male factor and if there is no female factor then our chances are better.