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mum back from rehab can't talk or open eyes

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    You stated in another post that your mother has diabetes. Rush her right now to a good hospital and have her sugars checked, as well as other labs. She might die if you don´t.


      Oh no. I'm sorry. I think you should do as Dr. Young said.
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        Thank you very much for all your messages. I just came from my sister's the situation is the same. however we are giving her saline as well as trying our best to give watery food through the mouth. In Sri Lanka I don't know exactly what is the best watery food supplement, I am giving Saustagen milk powder, soup. If you have any advice on what I can give for quick recovery. She still cannot open her mouth. Today I talked to a doctor but they are asking too much money to come home. So instead I asked a nurse to come and she gave the saline, changed her catheter, and dressed her wound. But If only I know what to do about her mouth problem. She says that she cannot open her mouth. it is very painful it seems. The whole day she was moaning but now ( i just calle dmy sister ) she is sleeping it seems. I hope she will be Ok.


          It sounds like she is a little more responsive. If she can safely swallow, then you should use the Sustagen and milk powder. She needs protein. Can you also add a liquid multivitamin? If you have access to a motorized drink blender, you can add fruits and vegetables as well as well cooked meats to liquid, blend this until smooth, and use this (it may not taste very good though). It would be better to get an NG tube into her so you could give this to her even if she cannot swallow. Is she taking any medication at all? How is the saline being administered (IV, through the skin, through a tube into her stomach)???

          Has your mother had a tetanus shot? Although rare, it is possible to get tetanus through a pressure ulcer (or any other open wound) if there is exposure to soil or other contaminated materials. This should definately be ruled out as the cause of her being unable to open her jaw, and a physician would need to see her. Can you take her to a clinic to be examined by a physician?

          The other thing to rule out would be a tooth abscess or trauma to her her jaw such as being punched when she was in rehab. Is there any indication that she was physically abused there or assaulted by another patient?

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          The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


            Again, this woman has diabetes, as per Riyasa´s previous post. Is anybody listening??? She might have a severe electrolyte and sugar imbalance, among all of the other things suggested.


              As above, there are already plans to get some labs done that would test for this. It is unlikely that this is due to her DM being out of wack though given that she is responsive, and that would not effect her ability to open her mouth.

              The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


                Not to mention giant cell arteritis.
                She might have been given antipsychotic medication to keep her calm, which can potentially cause those painful jaw spasms.
                The acute confusional state is most worrisome.
                It definitely sounds as if she has a constellation of problems and needs admission into a good hospital.
                And KLD, we all value your knowledge. By the same token, I and others can contribute without having a post unnecessarily disqualified. The fact that she has DM had been overlooked until I brought it up, and it is a critical piece of information.


                  Riyasa I'm sorry that your mother is still suffering. I too think she should have hospital care. In your earlier post you mentioned that the Peradeniya doctor told that she should be admitted to hospital but that it was difficult to admit her to a government hospital and that she should be admitted to a nursing home. Our government is providing free health care and medicine and it should be available to everyone. If you can't admit her to Peradeniya can't you try a district hospitals close by? Brands Essence of chicken is available here (Sri Lanka). It was given to me with sustagen and you can ask your doctor whether its OK to give it to your mother. Hope she gets better soon.


                    Hello Everybody thank you very much for all your kind advises. Today My mum is better than yesterday. She can open her eyes and mouth. But she says that her mouth is very painful. She could not remember anything which happened yesterday. I did some tests from her blood the resulths are as follows,

                    haemoglobin - 8.9 g/dl
                    w.b.c. - 16.9 x 10000000000 / l
                    neutrophils - 93%
                    lymphocytes - 07%


                    SODIUM - 140
                    POTTASIUM - 4.2

                    P/S URIA - 3.0





                      medical advice


                      I don't know what is wrong, or what happened to your mum in rehab, if she was mistreated, neglected or what. And I don't know much about diabetes, but if it is indeed diabetic shock of some sort she NEEDS medical care right away.

                      You mentioned that you have the numbers of a couple of doctors who are helpful - see if one of them can manage to see her - particularly one who has seen her before and knows her history, and at least one that has experience with diabetics.

                      You also said you can't afford a private hospital. I understand this, and personally I think it is really f--ed up the way places around the world (using the US model) have privatized healthcare to the extent that only the rich get treated, while the poor just die. Especially a place like Sri Lanka, which, according to many historians, is the location of the world's first hospitals 6,000 years ago! (

                      I did some searching and found the contact for Caritas International in Sri Lanka, which is an organization that I know has paid medical bills for people in urgent need in some places in the world:
                      Telephone: 00 94-011-2691885
                      00 94-011-2693989
                      00 94-011-2662474

                      and here is a list of private hospitals in sri lanka. try calling and ask if they have a 'charity option' for patients unable to pay. some may, particularly the religious ones:

                      I AM REALLY WORRIED ABOUT YOUR MUM when I hear your description, and I want you to be able to get a doctor to see her AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


                      to everyone else:
                      One of the things that worries me about participating in a forum such as this is that someone would give advice to someone that could lead to that person ending up in a very dangerous or life threatening situation!
                      I know it is all well-meant, and a lot of the advice is very knowledgeable, and I do appreciate that there are several nurses and a doctor on the forum. But I'm sure they will agree that there is no substitute for having a doctor in person, who knows the patient's full history and is able to diagnose based on the actual symptoms (rather than the description of the symptoms online).

                      and one of the realities about so-called 'third world' countries (as in the so-called 'first world') is the opportunism of many in the medical profession. without universal health care, as some european countries, and cuba, have in place, patients are forced to make choices based on what they can afford, instead of what is medically necessary. and what is really disturbing to me is that Riyasa asked advice on this forum about sending his mum to a rehab center back in june, which he said was 'on the other side of the country' - to me this is a big warning bell - I would have said to make sure to do a LOT of research on the place before trusting your mother's life in their hands (I wasn't yet active on this forum at that time), without any relative nearby to keep checking on her there.

                      because while some hospitals and centers may be high quality and responsive to patients' needs, some are unfortunately just money-making operations, at the expense of people's health.


                      Good luck Riyasa. And give my good wishes to your mother. At least know that there are people thinking about her out in the world. You may feel really alone right now - just want you to know you're not alone.

                      I don't know if Caritas will be able to help you, but I really hope so. They have a solid reputation worldwide for quality care and for serving the least well-off.
                      “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


                        Riyasa said that her father visited her mother every week while she was in rehab. She said that it was the only rehab available in her country. It is very sad that her mother got sicker, although thank God it sounds like she is getting better and more alert today! I do think that they did the best with what they had at the time. Her mum at least tried the rehab route, even though it was the only one available to her. I don't think anyone could have advised her severely depressed mother (with bedsores) to continue just laying in bed. She had to try something.

                        I am so glad to hear that your mom is sounding better today and able to speak to you. I don't know exactly what her tests mean, but someone on here will I am so sorry that your family has to suffer through poor medical care, it really is not right. We are praying for your mother, that she continues to get stronger. You are a good daughter.


                          I'm really glad that your mother is better now. I think the WBC is high and it may be due to an infection. Its better if you can show it to a doctor so that he will explain everything.
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                            Although Sri Lanka has private hospitals the Government Hospitals provide healthcare and medicine free of charge to everyone. The private hospitals are mostly situated in and around Colombo (the commercial capital of Sri Lanka) and suburbs and about 90% of the population cannot afford them. And there are government hospitals in all districts of the country. And even the cancer hospital is a government hospital and expensive drugs used for chemotherapy is also given free of charge. And the link you gave
                            is not a list of private hospitals they have also listed some of these government hospitals. And Peradeniya in not the only rehabilitation hospital here. There is a rehabilitation hospital in Ragama as well as the Army rehabilitation hospital which of course is available only to army personnel. I am glad you found these links to help Riyasa for as a fellow Sri Lankan I too wish that her mother gets better as soon as possible. Also there are associations like the Lions, Rotaries and even a Presidents fund in Sri Lanka which donate funds to needy patients.

                            So Riyasa if you have financial difficulties you can write to them and I'm sure they will give a favourable response.
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                              thanks to all. yesterday I was talking to my mum. Sometimes she is finding it hard to remember certain matters which happened in the past. So my sis and I were sort of asking some questions from her. When we were talking about children my sis asked her how many children do you have she said "I have 10" then she laughed in a sad sort of way and told us that "you know at the hospital lots of people used to come and visit the other patients. It was very nice to see when some one ;children or relations come to see, it is a very happy occassion" and she stopped. Then we understood that she has missed us alot. when she was at the peradeniya hospital we used to visit her often but after she left for the rehab noone visited her except for dad. We think that she was very depressed. Ann I was so sad. Now as she is at my sister's even though it is a little difficult to visit daily I go daily and see her. Today also I went to see her and she was o.k, maybe a little better than yesterday.
                              Ann she seems to be in a blury world sometimes. But she can remember everything when we asked her. But she has forgotten that she cannot walk coz my sis told that when my sister's school staff came to see her she has told my sis "I will come front and talk to them" that is when my sis was frightened. we were slowly asking her smal small things , so far she is about 90% correct. my sis was telling me that she is living a few years back. can this happen? Today ann when I was talking to her suddenly she started crying "why such a thing like this happened to me" I was so sad. My mum is a very very good person. She was a teacher and a very kind one. you know even when we scold someone she never lets us to scold anyone. Maybe it her fate right?

                              sometimes I feel very sorry for my father too. Now he is the one who is looking after my mum, I mean the cleaning and all. But he is not letting us do also, because of the kids maybe infected.


                                There is something called "pseudo-dementia", in which the person becomes forgetful, which is caused by very severe depression.
                                Again, your mom needs to be visited by a good doctor in person, because she has not one, but several health issues going on. All the best.