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    Thanks everyone for responding to my post on pregnancy., especially to the most recent posts since I have not responded to them in a while. I wanted to update those who were kind enough to reply to my post. Back in September I used a sperm donor and was inseminated, but did not get pregnant. After not being successful, I decided not to try and get pregnant through insemination again and have instead decided to adopt. The biggest reason I decided not to try and get pregnant again was because I have severe chronic (nerve) pain and I decided I was afraid that I would feel worse. I was too afraid of the unknown. I also did not want to put out the additional money for the insemination process without a guarantee I would get pregnant. I am single and live with my mom, who is also my caretaker (along with my aunt who helps me as well) and me and her are in the process of going through our local social services agency and trying to become foster/adopt parents of a baby girl. We have been going through the long process since November and are almost finished and are almost ready to be what is called foster care placement ready. Then we will be eligible to adopt a baby (if we are lucky enough to get a newborn). It has been a roller coaster of emotions and I have also been grieving at the same time for the decision not to have my own biological child, something I always thought I would do. I am very excited and anxious about adopting a baby, especially through this process where there is a chance you can lose the baby back to its biological parents after you have bonded with the baby and expect it to be your child.

    So many of your responses about adaptive equipment and caring for the baby still apply and helped a lot. I'm still wondering how it will all work out, but am fortunate to have a great mom who is very eager to be a grandma and will be my hands for me.

    For all of you who have either had your own children or adopted and could not fully take care of your child yourself, in other words, had to rely on caregivers or family members to help care for your baby for you, was it frustrating at all? Do you feel like you bonded to your baby just the same without being able to do all of her/his physical care?

    Thanks again and any more advice (and prayers) will be much appreciated!