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Anyone doing IVF at the moment or about to start?

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  • Anyone doing IVF at the moment or about to start?

    Hi All,
    Not completely sure if I have posted this in the right section but I hope that I have, please let me know if I haven't though.
    Just wondering if anyone is going through an IVF cycle at the moment or about to start.
    My g'friend is going tomorrow for a transfer and I would love to have someone to chat with.
    We have a 15mth old DD from a previous ICSI cycle and this is our second attemp trying for #2.
    Anyway would love to hear from anyone in the same boat.

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    False alarm,g/friend was on her way to the clinic and the lab called to say that our last 2 embryo's didn't survive the thaw so we're back to square one again will be doing another fresh cycle next month..


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      So sorry! I hope this works out for you in the long run. One of my clients (C6) and his wife just had twins with IVF. They were here to visit me yesterday. They are too cute for words!

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        Thanks SCI Nurse
        Yes the reward at the end is definately worth everything that we have to go through*no so much me mind you my g/friend is the one who goes through the hard yards* took us nearly 4yrs to fall pregnant with #1 and the joy that she has brought to our lives is beyond words. Would love it if we had another but only time will tell I guess.
        She goes at the end of august for another egg collection so we'll she how it goes from there.
        Thanks for the kind wishes


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          Sorry to hear about your lost embryos. Our 6 that were left over from our ICSI cycle never survived to be cryopreserved. The two that were implanted turned out to be wonderful almost 28-month old twin boys today and we are talking about doing the whole cycle again possibly sometime next year or so to expand our clan.

          Good luck next month!



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            Thanks Kraj
            Your boys look adorable,looking forward to next month and hope that we have a bit better luck next time around.
            Were you successful on your first try with ICSI?Were the 2 embies that you used and got pregnant with from doing a fresh transfer?

            I'm hoping next time that we get more eggs at retrieval, always on seem to get 3 or 4 max which isn't great but was obviously good enough for it to work so you just never know.
            Anyway great to hear from you and let me know if you cycle again it would be great to chat.


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              Yes, it was our first try and round. The hospital (Cleveland Clinic) does 2-embryo trasfer with ICSI, so we took it, I was in perfect shape to be able to carry them to full term (they were born 4 weeks early). They got 14 eggs from the retrieval, 10 were fertilized, 8 became embryos, 2 were inplanted and 6 did not survive to the point of cryopreservation (which is 5 days from the fertilization/retreival day). I responded pretty well to the drugs, I ended up with a little bit of hyperstimulation syndrome after the tranfer and especially after the embryos started to produce hormones (because of the high number of eggs), but that lasted only about 10 days and after that I felt great.

              Good luck to you! I was really satisfied how my IVF nurses were checking on me every day (between the visits to monitor the growth of the eggs), and I contribute the succes to that as well as the doctor that would adjust my dosages as needed.

              (a wife to t10 and monther of twin boys)



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                I am just getting ready to start our second IVF/ICSI cycle in September. Our first IVF/ICSI was successful and we have a one year old daughter. We had 8 eggs retrieved and 6 fertilized. We implanted 3 and the other 3 did not make it to blast. So we are praying that this next try will also prove successful! I'm nervous about going through all of the meds, shots, proceedures to have it fail. We were so extremely lucky the first time around. Hopefully the next will be just the same.