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Bought Brother Plane Ticket - Oh boy

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    Bought Brother Plane Ticket - Oh boy

    A lot of you know my story already.

    My brother is heavily doing drugs still and I want to help.
    I bought him a plane ticket (one way) to come out to SD from MA.

    I bought a house here, got roomates that live in all the rooms. So their is no room here. I could rent out my bedroom and go get an apartment for me and my brother.

    I don't really know much about sci other than what i learn here and what i hear from my family. I have only been with my bro for about 15 days total since he became a sci over a year ago.

    I'm 24 years old and don't have a lot of money. But I figured he would be better off away from all his druggie friends. I'm just worried that he will make my life hell...not because of the sci, but because of the drugs and how dumb drugs make people.

    Do you guys think i'm doing the right thing by bringing him here? I believe i'll be a really good influence for him. I work hard, go to school, motivated i think if he sees it and is around motivated people, then he will change.

    All i really care about is him getting away from drugs and becomming more intellegent with his decisions.

    well, i'm super duper tired right now. I'll let you all know how it goes...if he decides to get on the plane this time.




    my gut reaction sez, don't do it. i've seen how drugs change ppls personalities. until your brother wants to change, he ain't gonna change.

    that said, i can see you're a remarkable brother and you're gonna do whatever u can to help him. so ignore the naysayers. i'll pray for both of you.



      if you work and in school you guyz could get a goverment apartment, they base rent off your income, ive seen some downtown that are very nice and id milk that your care taking for your brother to them


        Hey again Mark! Happy to see your still hanging in there.
        How was the "day" in court, or has that come about yet?

        About your bro using the airline ticket, I doubt it seriously.
        I doubt he would want to do without his familiar connections
        and the ease he has in getting them for the unknown in SD.

        Ask yourself, if he doens't think he has a problem and won't do
        rehab in MA...what would make you think he'd feel any different
        when (if) he gets to SD.

        If I were your sis or Mom and you could put someone in mandatory
        Rehab....that's where he'd be for hopefuly longer than 6 weeks....
        then and only then would we talk (once your no longer talkin' to
        the drug) about which direction he wants his life to really go...UP/Down!

        Take care, hang in and stay in touch.

        Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!


          Here and Gone

          Well, things worked out pretty good for a short while.

          I took my brother out and we did lots of things to keep him busy. I would drive him to the gym and drop him off and he would go swimming and lift weights for a few hours. Then he would use the gym bathroom to shower and poop. Good thing for handicap stalls eh (only bad thing was the door to the stall was heavy, i don't get that).

          Anyways. All was good as long as I kept him busy. He started to paint my decks to my house too. It took him a long time as he is a t4/5 complete. He was able to do it. It gave hime a sense of accomplishment.

          He did get out of hand the first night though. He destroyed a lot of my walls and kind of went psyco on me. I had to call the cops on him. Of course, because 'm able bodied, the cops said I was the aggressor. Anyways, i only did it because my brother needs to learn that I don't play games.

          Well. We moved into a very nice handicap accessible aparment. Indoor and outdoor pool, hot tub, sonna, weight room. all good for my bro. Even the shitter was nice for him and the shower.

          It all worked out good except his drinking was the bad part. I started working 2 jobs and wasn't home to keep him busy and motivated anymore. Well. he started sleeping all day again and having people over at all hours of the night. He woke me up daily at around 3am 4am time. One day I came out to yell at him and he had like 5 friends over, all young as hell. ANways, the story goes on and on, but he ended up smoking some dope and sniffing some pills. So I told him i can't live with him. He has his options, but i'm not going to live with him with drugs around.

          He chose to go back to mass.


            Sorry is didn't work out love him and you tried.
            He's got to want to get off drugs "the horse to water scenerio" ya know.
            I am still amazed he left Mass for SD really but you see how those kind
            of ppls can gather quickly.

            It's a shame someone can hate themselves so much to get down to that level while others work, are active and lead (what he sees as) a productive life and he thinks he never will.

            Keep us posted on your bro, and how you are doing with the situation.
            You gotta be strong for him. You got a tough situation!

            Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!


              He has to save himself, but good on you for trying. You did nothing wrong, you did everything right. Perhaps he'll find the motivation from your clean living ... one can only hope. In that head of his ... he knows. It's up to him to act upon it.
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                At least you made an attempt. Too bad it didn't work out.