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    SCI/D Parents

    Parenting with a Disability

    A research project on the lived experience of parents who are physically disabled, and are living with their child

    Fielding Graduate Institute Ph.D. student seeks parents to participate in this personally rewarding and important study. Seeking participants who meet the following criteria:

    Mothers and/or fathers with disabilities related to physical mobility who are pregnant or parenting an infant in their home.
    Parents willing to share their perspective concerning the type and level of assistance required to co-habitate with the child as a family unit.
    Participant will be guided through a narrative of lived experiences of pregnancy through the second year of their child’s life.
    Participants will engage in a 1-hour, one-on-one interview, with a possible 30-minute observation of the parent in interaction with her/his infant.
    Information will be kept strictly confidential. You will be given the opportunity to review the transcript of your interview to make any corrections to it that you wish in order to make sure that the transcript accurately reflects your experience. I will request permission before direct quotes are used.

    A pseudonym of the participant’s choosing will be decided upon and used to insure confidentiality.

    By participating in this study you will have the opportunity to review this important developmental period of your life –pregnancy through two years after birth, to be personally rewarding. This experience may provide an enhancement to your personal insight and self-awareness. The self-knowledge gained will be beneficial in guiding yourself through your continuing adult development. Other women who are disabled may read this study and gain positive insight and direction for their lives. Policy makers on both state and local levels may be encouraged to consider family unity in their decision-making. No monetary compensation will be provided. However all participants will be given study results on request.

    For further information please contact:

    R.Elaine Winslow, HOD Ph.D. student, Fielding Graduate University

    Phone: 718 488 1224

    She will answer all requests for information with strictest confidentiality; there is no commitment on your part at this time.

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