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  • 4th of July Photos

    Please, everyone post one photo of you doing something over the 4th with family or friends. I would like to see some of the other member on the site. Dont submit to this thread till after the 4th. I will make it a current thread on the 6th and see what we can get. Be creative.
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    Don't have a family or frirnds,except 2 dogs


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      Originally posted by jerryblt06
      Don't have a family or frirnds,except 2 dogs
      That makes me sad! I will be your friend Jerry!
      CG -- truly happy for you...


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        2006 Detroit - Windsor Fireworks Show

        From my balcony (damn I'm on the ground floor). I had a better seat at my old apartment. The scaredy cats scrammed. Didn't like the banging.
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          Just saw this...

          Lynnifer, your pic makes me homesick. I'm from Michigan, and I missed those fireworks this year.

          Istead, I found myself on Coney Island with a group of good friends at the Nathan's Hot Dog Contest. For the record, our boy didn't win. But, it was still a great time!

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            we enjoyed the lake over the 3rd and 4th...

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              We have a "small town parade" in our town every year and it is a kick! We love it. Lot's of pictures, too many to post, so I am sending a link here.
              click on the fourth of july (duh) and there is a page of thumbnails. the first click will give you the picture full size, a click on the full size will bring it to screen size. Enjoy.