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    I thought I'd seen the last of this thread. lol But thats ok. His smoking was recreational. He isn't in pain right now and his spasms aren't too bad. He takes zanaflex for them. Thankfully we do have a good relationship with each other. He has lived on his own before and I'm sure will again when he is ready. That's ok. I don't mind if he lives here and I don't mind if he moves out. But we do get along very well with each other. This time home is so much better than the first time. He's stronger, feels much better and can take care of himself so much more....the first time home was so hard. You always hear that it will get better, but it's hard to see past what you are going through at the time. But it is so much better now. Thanks all for your comments and views on all of this.


      and our prayers are with you as well. i am so happy for you two and your family. stay strong and faithful!
      Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened