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R.I.P. Kibbles :(

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    I'm crying, damn, Kristi, I'm sorry.
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      So sorry to hear about Kibbles Kristi. I have a Shi tzu too with some health problems and the vet has already said be prepared. My heart goes out to you. You are in my thoughts.....
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        I'm so sorry you've lost Kibbles. Sending **hugs**


          That hurts...So sorry Kristi


            Losing a dog is indeed losing a family member. I still miss my St Bernard we had to put to sleep 8 years ago, but it takes courage to do the right thing and avoid making them suffer.
            My new dog is getting older, she┬┤s a rescue and so adorable, your post really made many people cry.
            Hang in there


              Sorry about your doggy Kristi .... it absolutely is a hard thing to face but she suffers no more ... that's real love ... Kibbles is the sweetest name ... prayers and light to you ...

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                15 years is a very long time, they become part of the family and its always devestating, perhaps after time you will get a new dog and you will grow just as close, sorry

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                  Thanks everyone!

                  I am still very numb and emotional over it all and it's only been a few days. I see her everywhere in this house. I keep waiting for her to come into my room for a drink of water or bark at me for something. I am barely eating...when I was home I shared everything I ate with Kibbles and to not have her there to eat with, it's sucks. She gave us 15 great years and we treated her like a queen. She was spoiled rotten to the max, but we only did that because we loved her so much and she had us all wrapped around her little paw.

                  Despite her size she was a great helper dog to me. If I needed something and I couldn't get it and would yell and no one heard me...she would go get them and bark at them to let them know. She kept me company when I was sick and she could always make you feel better no matter how bad your day was.

                  She made many appearances in the chat...usually she was sleeping, but if I had food she would let me know she wanted it. She was too cute not to share with it food wise and with the people on chat.

                  I miss her lots and many have suggested a new puppy. I broke down on the trip home yesterday from my grandparents and dad said a new dog isn't out of the question, but we need to take a while longer to grieve Kibbles and honor her for the GREAT dog she was. I don't want a new puppy right now, but I wouldn't rule it out. Kibbles could/would never be replaced, but all dogs have a lot of love to give.
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                    Kristi, I am really really sorry. I am also sorry for what I said in chat, when you wrote Kibbles and I said "n bits."

                    I hadn't even seen this thread and had no idea what you were talking about and just made a random comment trying to be funny. I am so sorry.

                    Dogs are definitely a part of the family and can only imagine what you're going through. R.I.P. Kibbles.


                      You're doing well. I think it's especially hard for a young person, when your dog grew up along with you and was always there.
                      I agree - Getting another dog right away would not be a good idea, as it would be an attempt at replacement. You would not want a replacement as there can never be one; there can only be another, different dog. And, as you so rightly say, all dogs have a lot to give, and they will return your love many times over.
                      - Richard


                        I am sorry you lost your companion. At least you got a chance to give her a good goodbye. There is a virtual pet cemetary site where you can leave a lasting memorial for her.