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    parent play games...

    Is it just me or does your parent(s) play games because of your injury (I'm assuming anyhow, as a way to get back at you). Every other weekend, my dad plays this game where he doesn't care when you eat supper. Then the majority of the time when it is done he sets it out for 10 minutes. How about everyone else, is this common?

    5 small cookies
    1 cheese stick
    Supper ? 6:50 pm right now. Looks like 7:30 to 8:00 is when the supper will be ready.
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    that personally sounds a bit far-fetched to me, but hey i don't know your dad.

    my mom gets mad sometimes and tells me i'm in a chair cuz i don't listen to her. i get hurt about that more than mad.
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      That just sounds plain mentally ill to me.
      I am sorry for you and i will say a prayer for you.
      Cathy J


        It's probably depression in a very big there more going on in other ways Mag?
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          this is so not normal. i think your dad needs to have a ''sit down'' with a therapist..

          honestly, wait until LaMemChose responds to get your best suggestions/reasons of what is actually going on..

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