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So you wanna have a baby.....

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    So you wanna have a baby.....

    As I was perusing celebrity gossip articles I came across a story about Angela Bassett and her husband who just had twins via a surrogate mom. For some reason, this option never occurred to me. I want to have children but don't think that I can endure 9 months of pregnancy being underweight and anemic with all of the other medical conditions I have. Plus, the thought of a caesarian scares me as much as having a natural birth. Hubby doesn't want me to suffer so although he'd like to have children, he doesn't think it's worth putting my health at risk. I also found out that Joan Lunden had her twins via a surrogate as have quite a few celebrity couples. Since neither hubby nor myself have fertility problems, we'd be the sole genetic donors. The child will have no genetic relationship to the surrogate. I'm not considering this anytime soon, maybe 3-4 years from now but this seems like the perfect solution.

    Joan Lunden's story

    Surrogate parenting agency


    Cindy Margolis and her husband Guy Starkman

    Joan Lunden and her husband, Jeff Konigsberg on the births of their second set of twins, Kimberly and Jack born in March 2005. We would also like to congratulate their wonderful surrogate Deborah Bolig who also carried their first set of twins, Max and Kate born in 2003.

    Congratulations to Art Garfunkel and his wife Kim who became parents of a son, Beau, via a surrogate mother.

    Angela Bassett and her husband, actor Courtney B. Vance, on the births of their twins- a boy and a girl- on January 27, 2006 via a surrogate mom.
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    That's a great option for someone that doesn't think they can handle it. I was/am underweight (doctor felt my spine when he pressed on my tummy during my recent physical and we spent all day in Ultrasounds and X-rays to figure out what it was.... talk about embarrassing) and anemic but I had a great pregnancy aside from being TIRED ALL THE TIME.
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      My friend is a surrogate mom. She's been a surrogate for three different couples! I love watching her as she is so close to the couples whom she has these babies for. She has 3 children of her own so there is NO risk of her wanting to keep them. Plus she'll only surrogate for those that donate their own eggs (she won't give her eggs). She has always had easy pregnancies so this was easy as well as rewarding for her.

      Great idea! Here is a great site to explore:
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