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    I saw this post a couple of years ago and then I ask my son if he was ever embarassed by me being in a chair. I forgot to post his reply.
    I was in the chair 10 years before I had my son. He has never known me any other way. He told me that he was never embarrassed by me, but he was by my hubby who is AB. I asked why and he said because of his personality. LOL. I got along great with all of the kids when son was growing up. They spent lots of time over here and then I would take them all over (like movies and stuff). My son said he really never even thought about it. I think it makes alot of difference when they have never seen you any other way. I also think that the way you perceive yourself is what kids pick up on most. He is 28 now.



      hey wife(32) and i(27) are having twins(boy and girl) on april 11th 2007 and im really excited......but also very nervous about the physical aspect......i am a c5-c6 complete quad! i was wandering if you could give me any advice or ideas! i want to be as involved as possible....i am bummed i cant do all the physical things i always thought i would, but i totally feel blessed to be able to have kids....i just want to feel like their dad.......despite all the help we will need,,,,,,,,any comments, suggestions, ideas! can read about me and my wife at

      hope to hear from you and any websites that could help

      chris skinner
      "The Task Ahead Of You, Is Never As Great As The Power Within You"


        Congratulations!!!!! Make sure you post pics!!

        Talk to Van damn He just had a baby girl.
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