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I am in Guatemala with my baby

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    I am in Guatemala with my baby

    I am here, in Guatemala City with my little tiny baby boy. He is 2 months old and very very very very very cute. Handsome too. And smart LOL

    He was up all night, new place, new people. But he is sleeping all day. How much does a 2 month old sleep anyways? He is feeling clingy to mommy and daddy, we can only put him down when he is passed out.

    Did I mention he is so damn cute?

    Anyways this is just a visit trip. We will be here until Tuesday morning, when we will go home and baby (still no name) will be going back to his foster home. Hopfully he will come home with us for good in the next couple/few months.

    - Moody

    I can't imagine how excited you are to be there with him!!!!!
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      u know how freakin excited i am for u! can't wait to hear all the details...and YES i like that name take care and stay safe!

      love, jim & me
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        Hope you're enjoying your trip.