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    So my sister in her infinie wisdom finally caved in to the kids and agreed to kitty-sit for the neighbor's 3 kittens while the family is away on vacation until Labor Day weekend. The kittens are really too small to stay on their own so they are boarding with us for the time being, they are really cute (if I can I'll try and post some pics) and fun to have around BUT they are runnng ALL OVER THE PLACE (the cats, not the kids) and I am always in fear that I'm going to run over one of them in my chair (again, the cats, not the kids). I have already made it clear my personal area of the house is OFF LIMITS and so far they have made a point to respect that (the kids, not the cats); the problem is when I cross over to the family section, we've already had a couple near misses and I don't want to be responsible for any injuries (to either kids OR cats).

    Short of carrying a horn around with me everywhere I go in the house I really need ideas from anyone who has ever owned cats!

    Slider we always had some kittens around when I was a kid and they have a bad habit of jumping out at you as you go by, from under couchs or chairs is the most dangerous I think since you can't see them till they're already there. My suggestion would be to just get them some toys to knock around and be very careful going by the aforementioned areas. I'm not sure what else you could do. Good luck!
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      I got some bad news, I hope each of those kittens (not the kids) have their full quota of "9 lives". Hah! MeOOWWW! Ooooops, sorry kittie!

      I have had many, many cats over the years, and I have yet to find one that does not like walking, running or jumping in front of you. Seriously, even Snow, my 3 yr. old ragdoll has made me have several near misses and I've almost stepped on him a couple times, kicked him accidently numerous times before catching myself and he still persists in doing it again and again.

      I don't know if it's innate in their nature, or if they think you are going to pick them up if they do this....which I think might be in Snow's case. Maybe you've picked them up from your chair, I don't know,,,,but I really think they and Snow would just do it's the nature of the beast.

      Wheelchair wheel, cane, walker or feet, it doesn't matter to them...unlike a dog they just don't care to learn to be cautious after several trial and errors.

      Good luck and enjoy@

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        Hi Slider;

        You should put bells around their necks (the cats, not the kids.). Or perhaps bells on your wrists and ankles! I am the Postmaster in a small office in Oregon. A cat adopted us about 1 1/2 years ago. She is now more popular than either my clerk or I. Anyway, we are so small there is only one chair upon which to sit. Not a week goes by that I don't nearly squash Curlee (the cat) because she thinks that single chair is hers! Local Day Care and Head Start (Hispanic) and Kindergarten all request field trips to our Post Office but Postal Services take a back seat to seeing 'el gato Curlee'.

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          John--Curlee just gets cuter and cuter!

          There is not much you can do, cats have a mind of their own. My two are adults and they are often near my tires. I'm just extra careful around them. Especially when I back up.

          Please submit your photo and story of hope:


            Like Susan said, you just have to be careful, especially backing up. My li'l guy sometimes likes to curl up and nap right next to my chair while I work, so I'm always looking down to check. I have run over his paw twice, but just barely, and he wasn't hurt. In those cases it was him leading the way to the kitchen to get fed, and he just stopped for no apparent reason. He's good about staying away from the wheels now, but I'm very careful to ust take it slow when his walking in front of me in case he decides to stop or turn or lolly-gag. He's kind of old, so I guess he's not into jumping out and attacking when I go by, but he sometimes attacks my shoelaces when I'm trying to tie my shoes.


              Had to laugh at the post, I recall whenI first got my cat, I was still walking, and she was a full of energy kitten that used to like to run between my legs. NOTHING has changed. She now runs under and around the wheelchair, sleeps under it, makes sure some part of her body is touching it at all times when I'm stationary. Her tail looks like its been caught in a screen door one too many times, but not worse for wear. As for the kittens in your house,I would think just make some noise to sort of shoo em out of the way when your entering the family area of your house. Or, if you can, to keep em away from the chair, get a small water bottle or squirt gun, if you can handle it, and give em a little butt squirt. They will learn to stay away when your moving! Post pics!
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                el gato Curlee is so cute! I see who the REAL boss is at your PO John!
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                  Just move slow and keep checking your chair and around you when you move.

                  Unfortunately, you're bound to hit something once .. they learn quickly.

                  They are attracted to being underneath the chair for some reason .. I have a new kitten that likes to sit between the wheels or inbetween my mag spokes.
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                    Tie a string to the back of your chair, that way the'll always be behind you chasing that string instead of in front of you.
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                      Borrow a puppy dog.