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What free computer games your kids playing online?

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    What free computer games your kids playing online?

    My Anastasia used to play Neopets. Very friedly community there & teach kids my opinion very good

    Now she plays this called Chae-to me little violent (war game)-but I maybe get too old

    Any thought & suggestion of good & free games

    P.S on second look game not so violent -its strategy, bulding cities, industry, make money, etc & its free (for how long I don't know)

    When I grew up in Soviet Union we played war only on the street & never taught how to make money
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    as long as the game makes her really think about strategy/math etc., and not just pound on buttons for hours to accomplish something, i'm all for it. just make sure to not underestimate the importance of social intelligence and physical exercise in one's personal well being...i.e. keep her balanced.

    btw, this is coming from someone who plays violent first person shooters when my sci complications fustrate me.