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    Originally posted by JayColorado
    I knew Mary wanted a Ruby, rather than a diamond, so we went out searching for a setting that I liked, and after we found one I proceeded to search for the Ruby.
    I originally wanted a sapphire instead of a diamond. My thinking was they were less expensive and I am so hard on my jewelry, I was afraid I would knock the diamond out. My birth mom has lost her diamond multiple times. I spent entirely too much of my youth crawling on my hands and knees checking the carpet for her rock. I didn't want the same to happen to me. Well, as it turned out, the good sapphires cost just as much as the diamonds!

    We went to the jeweler to window shop (we do the same for houses and cars--look like we are buying to get ideas, so the marriage thing wasn't a realistic expectation in my mind). While trying on rings to get an idea of shape/size that would look good on me we came across this pear-shaped solitaire that was gorgeous. Size/shape was perfect. I told Boog a mental note to remember was that type of ring. Little did I know that in less than a week it would be on my finger.

    It wasn't exactly the grandiose proposal that I was trying to plan, but it was just right for us. Besides that, I'm not very good at waiting so once I had the ring I had to give it to her right away!
    Ours wasn't either, but it worked for us. Me, Boog and our son in the attic sitting on the floor. I was printing out resumes and had my back to them. I heard Boog ask D if it was ok if he married his mom. D said it was, as long as they could still do cool guy things. I was grinning to myself bc they've had this conversation before. Well, when I turned around both of them were side by side on one knee with the ring box open in Boogs hand. I collapsed to the floor and sat with them. Ended up in a group hug with the tears flowing. D gave me a lucky penny after Boog gave me the ring. That penny is still in the ring box.

    Congratulations to the two of you!!! That ring is beautiful!! Cheers to being another nontraditional couple (our wedding was somewhat untraditional too. The pastor that married us six years ago is a patient of mine and still talks about our unique wedding ceremony.)

    Keep us filled in on the wedding planning if you feel like it. I love reading that kinda stuff!!


      Congrats Jay