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How do you hold your baby?

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    How do you hold your baby?

    A friend of mine teaches baby massage. She started because she had a Down Syndrome baby. It helped him so now she teaches people everywhere. She asked me how someone might do it in a wheelchair. Normally she teaches people to put the baby on the floor. Then get down there with them. She wondered what we chair users would do? I figured I'd ask the ladies here, especially any quads. Thank you.

    Women who use chairs that I know and have children usually have a changing table set up that is wheelchair accessible... sometimes just a card table that had been elevated to wheelchair height, or a wheelchair accessible side opening crib which I would imagine could work for baby massage.

    As far as riding in the wheelchair with the baby, many use a baby sling or harness that holds the baby across their chest leaving their arms free to push or drive the chair. With toddlers you can easily put a belt around yourself and the baby with the baby sitting on your lap facing forward. I have seen some use the same type of neoprene belt that a lot of quad rugby players use when playing in their wheelchair.

    I am going to move this to the Family forum as it may be just as relevant for dads as for moms.

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