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Soon to be new Quad Dad - NEED ADVICE/Wisdom/Strategies

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    Soon to be new Quad Dad - NEED ADVICE/Wisdom/Strategies

    Hi, my girlfriend is having a little girl in January. I am classified as a C5/C6

    i want to be the best father I can possibly be. I am looking for other quadriplegic dads who have experienced the complications of raising a child i.e (dressing, holding, feeding, burping, changing diapers, bathing).

    Or quadriplegic mothers who have undergone these same obstacles.

    i am eager to learn about assistive equipment, modification ideas, hands on strategies, anything will help.

    i have ordered a DVD from the looking glass organization and I'm hoping that proves fruitful.

    Best regards and much love

    I can't help but I just popped in to say congratulations!!! I'm jealous! I have some parents who happen to be quadriplegic on my FB site ... I'll let them know about this post.
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      Hi Leo,

      Congratulations! I'm a C4/5 incomplete and have a son that's now 29 years old. I was injured when I was 17 and he was born about 10 years later. I don't really know if I have any words of wisdom or strategies, but being a quad dad is just being a dad who happens to be a quad. Like all dads, you'll figure out what works best for you. Kids are tough and can take a lot. Don't worry about not being able to dress/hold/change/feed/etc. You'll figure it out -- even if it looks funky. You'll learn more ways to simultaneously use your hands/mouth/arms than you can imagine . Make sure you setup the crib and dressing table so you can access them easier. Most importantly have fun. This will be the best time of your life -- I didn't say easiest, but it should be fun. Good luck. PM me if you have any specific questions. I'll do my best to answer.

      - David



        You have made it up as you came along thus far. This will be the same. As long as you keep your daughter's safety in the forefront, be creative. Make it up. There are no firm rules as long as her safety is intact. What works for one is not necessarily what will work for you.

        The most important thing you can give your daughter is love.--eak
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          Hey bud! I'm not a dad, just an uncle that's very active with kids. Quads make great mobile jungle gyms ;-). Seriously though, I think kids tend to learn more around me than others. We work together to accomplish more than either could on their own. Striving to be a great dad is all that's needed.

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            Congratulations! I just became a father of twins who are now 11 weeks old. If you put in the right effort you will overcome the physical boundaries with the proper adaptive aid. I built a small table that I can put a changing pad on top so I can roll under and be able to change diapers. Dependent on your upper body strength and your hand function, this may be a good option. Also a baby sling or baby carrier that you can wear will keep your hands free as you push around. You may need help getting the baby in/out, but you will be able to hold them safely and spend some quality time that way.

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