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    Hi everyone just to let you know i got a new puppy her name is SAVANNAH she is a miniature schnauzer black she is learning how to use the dogie door she is learning how to go when i give the command so i wont run over her she is doing great

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    Oh, a mini schnow!!! They are so cute and so smart. I've known a few over the years. Just love 'em.

    Post some pics when you can.

    NL (GJ's wife and caregiver)


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      ok i will


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          I clicked on this hoping for an adorable picture too! I am waiting!
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            sorry guy's i don't know how to post pictures,she is doing fine she is 4 months know we go for daily walk in the morning she know how to stay keep away form my wheelchair she sit in the car in the center console she is very protective she got here first hair cut last month so doing fine thanks for your concerns


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              Dogs are the best, enjoy! I'd be lost without my Max.


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                happy to say Savannah is doing fine she is 7 month old now soon to bee neutered,she still spoiled as ever, she is strong enough to jump on top of my bed she is my joy of the day every day very active full off energy


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                  My puppy biggie smallz. He's a staffordshire bull terrier. Got him from the Czech Republic