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When to introduce nuts to children?

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    When to introduce nuts to children?

    So, this has absolutely nothing to do with SCI, but I'm hoping y'all can help anyways

    When did you introduce nuts to your children? Our daughter is 2, we have no history of nut allergies (or any food allergies) on either side of our families, and I'm thinking that I'd like to try some nut butters with her. We see the pediatrician in a few weeks, so I'll verify there, but I was curious what type of experiences the CC community has had with this.


    Personally I gave my 3 kids peanut butter before they were 1, we have no history of allergies in the family.

    My wife has a friend that took their kid to the parking lot at the emergency department when the kid turned one, then gave the kid some peanuts no reaction but they had a history and wanted to be close to a hospital just in case.

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      It is so bizarre, this rash of peanut allergies. In the olden days we just used to try not to choke them on hot dogs.

      First exposure to any allergen is rarely deadly. Once the immune system rejects something, though, it is on high alert. Trust yourself. You'll be ahead of any allergen having a 2nd chance.
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        we've been eating nuts in our family since my lil bros were 2. unfortunately the youngest has an allergy to eggs and all nuts :/ found that out the hard way.

        the cute thing is that the second and first lil bros would call them "penis" LOL we'd say "no, pea-NUT. say pea-NUT" and they'd just look and go "penis pwease?"
        "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"


          We were told not before a year old, like swim said.


            Just so everyone can develop an allergy overnight to something you have been eating or touching (latex) religiously for years.

            Although I have no allergies to anything other than adhesive, my mother seems to be one of these people. She ate almonds for years and overnight ended up in the ER same thing with shellfish.

            My kid started on Good old Peanut Butter since she was old enough to lick the spoon...but she was always to lazy to chew nuts LOL

            I have ate peanuts since I was great grandpa owned a store and he put them in a coke and we drank them. Its a southern thang I guess LOL

            I don't think family history matters anymore or so my doctor in Arizona thought. It used to the land where everyone with allergies flocked to and now it is the land where everyone develops allergies. I used to love her allergy discussions.

            Have you ever noticed the sign on "Five Guys" door? It says something like don't remove the peanuts from store premises to assist our customers with peanut allergens or some nonsense like that? I was scratching my head on that one.

            I always cut the hotdogs up too and put them in the bun in that innate motherly fear that she was going to choke and I would be the one on the front page of the Franklin Press who was a bad mother for letting her eat a hotdog....
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