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Parenting: Take away the Computer

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    Parenting: Take away the Computer

    Now I guess there are many ways to deal with your kids and what they do and don't do. Kids now days certainly have a lot more things. I remember many years ago when I asked my mom was it hard bringing up four kids and she said "It was tough keeping you guys away from the flippen TV at times as it was such a time waster." That was in 1979 the year she died of cancer at the age of 50, I was 24 at the time. I can only imagine what she would think today.

    What do you think of this guy?? He will certainly get his point across and he has had over 22 million hits in 5 days.

    I don't have a problem with shooting stuff but I think he only lowered himself and embarassed his daughter and she will move even further away from him. Marcus Aurelius - "Don't repay an injury with the same insult." (paraphrasing)

    But ... I don't have kids and I don't know what it's like trying to raise them and keeping everyone in the family sane. I think him putting it on the internet was a bad idea, fuel to the fire and such.


      I have two great kids 25 and 26 and never had any problems anywhere close to that.
      Personally I think he is going to have a kid that will never forgive him for that stunt. I am sure he will be "proud" of 22million hits and it will feed his ego. With all the support he has behind him and I am sure that "Dr Phil show" will be the next stop. There is no way a clip with 22 million hits is not going to stop just on Youtube.

      Certainly not my Parenting style. I happen to want to have a relationship with my kids for the rest of my life.


        Love it.

        Bring it on haters!


          Omg he actually shot it...

          I gotta say I think the kid deserved this. She sounds like a spoiled brat. Hopefully now that she has to pay for her own computer she might start appreciating real work.

          I'd also like to add this is coming from someone who does not have a relationship with their parents. Growing up my dad was an alcoholic and my mom was abusive. And I still had more respect for them than this kid seems to have for her parents.
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            Originally posted by Geoffrey View Post
            What do you think of this guy?? He will certainly get his point across and he has had over 22 million hits in 5 days.

            First, parents should not act like children. Second, he may be trying to seek attention. Third, this could be a hoax!
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              This was from MSNBC Today
              "Jordan has stopped talking to the media. He says he doesn't want to send Hannah "the message that it's OK to gain from something like this. It would send her a message that it's OK to profit at the expense of someone else's embarrassment or misfortune and that's not how I was raised, nor how she has been raised."

              (Tommy Jordan is the father from North Carolina)

              So I guess my comment about him being on Dr. Phil will not happen if he has stopped talking about it.
              PN: no it is not a hoax