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Quadriplegic pregnancy and birth

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  • Quadriplegic pregnancy and birth

    My name is Nikki. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 8 weeks ago. And i am a complete quad at C5-6. I wished the whole time I was pregnant that I had someone to talk to that had been through a paralyzed pregnancy. Although I did just fine through the whole thing it would have helped me to have someone to ask questions to that been through it personally. So now I am giving that opportunity to others who may be pregnant and have questions. Or maybe thinking about trying to have a baby but might be scared or unsure of the issues it may cause. So please respond or message me if you want to talk or ask questions. I am so ready to share my pregnancy story with anybody who is wanting to hear it. Please don't hesitate to ask I am ready to help

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    I would love to hear how your pregnancy went. I am a complete C5-6 quad and my boyfriend and I talk about having a baby but am honestly curious and scared. Did you have any serious problems? Did you have a natural birth or c-section? Was AD an issue? How did your doctors do? How are you doing now? So many questions! Thank you for offering up your experience


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      I want a baby so bad. I have all the questions as above. Did you have blood pressure issues? UTIs? Did you have to come off any meds? Is the quad pooch worse after?

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        i cant answer for nikki but i can answer for myself. i am a c5/6 quad inc. i was injured back in 1987 when i was 15. my boys are now 4 1/2. my doc was great when we were discussing me getting pg but when reality became twins he freaked out on me. he released me to be solely seen by an MFM and that was fantastic because they take on very few full time patients. my MFM was going to let me try a vag delivery but both were breech so we had to have a c sect. i had bladder augmentation so my MFM consulted with both the uro who did my surgery and a uro who had rights in the hospital i was delivering at. the uro was on call just in case any problems occured which thankfully they didnt. no major problems. just one uti which isnt uncommon in abled body women. i had gone completely off all anti spasmatic medicine before deciding to get preg and found that i like how my body responded so stayed off them. and yes the quad pooch is horrible but i think its because i had twins and probably a singleton wouldnt be as bad. good luck in becoming mommies and i too am happy to answer any questions.


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          Originally posted by ECUrach85 View Post
          I want a baby so bad. I have all the questions as above. Did you have blood pressure issues? UTIs? Did you have to come off any meds? Is the quad pooch worse after?
          yes, blood pressure will be worse, uti's worse --yes, (hospitalized 4 times with EACH pregnancy-fever and shakes and get admitted to OBGYN floor, get iv's and fine the next day )) the quad pooch will be worse, wear a binder after and always..(and you can always get it tightened up--the muscles later after you stop having kids)

          Yet it is done and doable and with the right team and experienced Dr's and nurses and can have what will bring you more joy..(and heartache when they hit their teen years! lol) than you can imagine.

          Dr. Salih Yasin at University of Miami specialized in quad pregnancy and delivery..both mine were delivered there and several of my friends. I am sure he can consult too with local Dr's if needed.
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            I've had two kids post SCI - I've been really open here if you search for my posts and pregnancy.

            No blood pressure issues, but it is not a problem for me when not pregnant.

            Had to treat UTI's during both pregnancies.

            No meds, so can't comment there.

            Gained too much with both - am currently trying to lose 70lbs so cant comment on quad gut, as mine is currently just a fat gut, lol.

            Essential, IMO, to have a way to weigh yourself weekly and minimize weight gain.
            Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.


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              Private message me for a more direct way to answer your questions. I just spent 30 mins typing a lengthy reply and my iPad erased it grrrrr... I want to talk to each and everyone of you about my experience. I may have time in the near future to type a reply again but having my little one takes up most of my time.


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                I'm 5 1/2 months along and deciding on whether to try a vaginal delivery if circumstances allow. I just imagine that it would be faster to heal from than a c-section. I'd love to hear any experience with recovery times!
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                  Originally posted by CurlieQCarrie View Post
                  I'm 5 1/2 months along and deciding on whether to try a vaginal delivery if circumstances allow. I just imagine that it would be faster to heal from than a c-section. I'd love to hear any experience with recovery times!
                  Hi. I'm a quadriplegic and I am thinking about starting a family. I was wondering if you would care to share your experience. Thanks, Pam.


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                    Did you use epidural for labor to avoid ad?


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                      I was injured (C5/6) in 1973 and had a son (vag) in 1986. Very few problems except for a uti in 7th month which led to early labor (I didn't feel the labor so it was good that I was in the hospital for the uti) They stopped the labor and I insisted they keep me in the hospital (which they did). Aaron came 1 month early, healthy and beautiful! Yes, I stopped my meds during the pregnancy and was unbelievably spastic, but it was worth the suffering in the end.


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                        Is breast feeding possible for a quad mom?


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                          Yes, at least initially, but there can be a problem with continued milk production as the suck reflex may not work (this signals the pituitary gland to continue milk production based on nipple stimulation) if you do not have good T4 (nipple) skin sensation. This can be managed with hormone injections instead, so should be something you talk with your OB/Gyn about prior to delivery for your post-partum care. You should also discuss medications you take and whether they will be passed onto the baby through breast milk, and if so, how to get off some of those medications if possible.

                          Breast feeding is better for your baby, and actually easier for you, than formulas and bottles.

                          The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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                            C5-6 quad mom, breastfed for 2-1/2 years. I was very anxious before birth that it might not happen. It took 2 weeks to get it right, but after that, no problem. Pumping did not work for me. It was very difficult in the beginning & being so overwhelmed & exhausted in general as a new mom, it's easy to freak out and give up. Keep trying, eat tons of oatmeal, a bit of beer helps production every now and again. Also, fenugreek as a supplement helped, too. Just be aware of the teeth when they start to grow in. Baby drilled a hole in my nipple a few times before I discovered it. Breastfeeding is so much better for baby & much easier for mom - no bottles, food source always available & fun to squirt partner in the face! Good luck!
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                              Do you suggest meeting with lacation consultant now or wait until baby is born?